Useful Terminology beginning with the letter T

Territory – Area of land owned by the united States, not a state, but having its own legislature.
Testamentary – Pertaining to a will.
Testate – A person who dies leaving a valid will.
Testator – A person who makes a valid will before his death.
Tithable – Taxable; a person who owes tax to a specified jurisdiction.
Tithe – Formerly, money due as a tax for support of the clergy or church.
Tory – Loyalist; one who supported the British side in the American Revolution.
Township – A division of U.S. public land that contained 36 sections, or 36 square miles. Also a subdivision of the county in many states of the U.S.
Tradition – The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, genealogies, etc. from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth.
Transcribe – To make a copy in writing.
Tutor – (in Louisiana) A guardian of minor children.
Tutrix – Feminine form of Tutor.

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