Useful Terminology beginning with the letter G

Gazetteer – A geographical dictionary; a book giving names and descriptions of places usually in alphabetical order.
Gedcom – An acronym for “GEnealogical Data COMmunication”. A standard format created by the LDS Church that allows genealogical software programs to transfer data.
Genealogy – Study of family history and descent.
Gentleman – A man well born.
Given Name – Name given to a person at birth or baptism, one’s first and middle names (in societies where the surname is inherited).
Glebe – Land belonging to a parish church.
Grantee – One who buys property or receives a grant.
Grantor – One who sells property or makes a grant.
Great-Aunt – Sister of one’s grandparent (also grand-aunt).
Great-Uncle – Brother of one’s grandparent (also grand-uncle).
Guardian – Person appointed to care for and manage property of a minor orphan or an adult incompetent of managing his own affairs.

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