Useful Terminology beginning with the letter F

Family Group Sheet – A report listing the father, mother and each child of a family.
Family History Center (FHC) – A smaller branch of the FHL, found nationwide.
Family History Library (FHL) – Holds over 2 million rolls of microfilmed records, 400,000 microfiche, and 300,000 books. It also houses an extensive collection of written manuscripts including family histories, local histories, indexes, periodicals, and aids to help in genealogical research. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Family Search – CD-ROM available at Family History Center produced by the Mormon church. Contains the International Genealogical Index, Ancestral File, SSDI, TempleReady and Military Death Index.
Father-in-Law – Father of one’s spouse.
Fee – An estate of inheritance in land, being either fee simple or fee tail. An estate in land held of a feudal lord on condition of the performing of certain services.
Fee Simple – Absolute ownership of land to sell or devise without restriction.
Fee Tail – An estate of inheritance limited to lineal descendant heirs of a person to whom it was granted.
Franklin, State of – An area once known but never officially recognized and was under consideration from 1784-1788 from the western part of North Carolina.
Fraternity – Group of men (or women) sharing a common purpose or interest.
Freehold – An estate in fee simple, in fee tail, or for life.
Free Person of Color (FPC) – A person who was neither (100%) caucasian nor a slave.
Friend – Member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
Furlong – 1,000 links; 660 feet

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