Useful Terminology beginning with the letter E

Emigrant – A person leaving a country and moving (permanently) to another.
Enfeoff – To grant property in fee simple; as in a deed the seller “does grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, release, and confirm unto [the buyer]” certain property.
Enumeration – Listing or counting , such as a census.
Epitaph – An inscription on or at a tomb or grave in memory of the one buried there.
Escheat – The reversion of property to the state when there are no qualified heirs.
Estate – All property and debts belonging to a person.
Et Al – Latin for “and others”
Et Ux – Latin for “and wife”
Et Uxor – And his wife. Sometimes written simply Et Ux.
Executor – One appointed in a will to carry out its provisions.
Executrix – Feminine form of Executor.

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