Old Time Occupations beginning with the letter T

Ships passenger lists, census returns and other documents used in genealogy may give an ancestor’s occupation, this list gives more modern interpretations of those terms.

Tabernarius – taverner; innkeeper
Tannator – tanner; curer of animal hide into leather
Taper – candlewick maker or seller
Tapley – one who puts the tap in an ale cask
Tasker – reaper
Tawer – one who taws (makes hide into leather without the use of tanning)
Teamster – one who drives a team (horses or oxen) for hauling
Teinter – dyer
Tenter – attendant for an engine
Textor – weaver
Thatcher – roofer (using thatch)
Thirdbororough – tithing man or deputy constable
Tide Waiter – customs inspector
Tinker – an itinerant mender and seller of kettles, tin pots and pans
Tinctor – dyer or possibly a painter
Tipstaff – policeman
Todd – fox hunter
Travers – toll bridge collector
Tripper – dancer
Tucker – cleaner of cloth goods
Turner – turner of wood (using a lathe) into spindles

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