Latin Terms beginning with the letter S

sacerdos – priest
sacer, sacra, sacrum – sacred
sacramentis totiis munitiis – fortified by all the last rites
sanctus/a/um – holy, sacred
scorta – unmarried mother, whore
scriptus/a/um – written
semper – always, forever
senior – older
sepelire – to bury
sepultus/a/um – buried
sequens – following
sic – thus, so
signum – mark
signum fecit – he/she made a mark, signed
sine – without
socer – father-in-law
socrus – mother-in-law
socrus magna – maternal grandmother
solemnicatio – marriage
solutus/a/um – unmarried (also free from debt)
soror – sister
sororius – brother-in-law (wife’s brother)
sponsalia – marriage banns
sponsalis – betrothed (adj.)
sponsus/a – groom/bride. spouse, betrothed
spurius/a – illegitimate
stemma (gentile) – pedigree
stuprata – pregnant out of wedlock
stuprator – father of illegitimate child
sub tutela – under guardianship
subscripsit – he/she signed
subsignavit – he/she signed with a mark
sum – I am
sunt – they were
supra – above
   ut supra – as above
susceptores – godparents
suus/a/um – his/her/its/their own

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