Latin Terms beginning with the letter P

parentes – parents
parochia – parish
parochus – parish priest
partus – childbirth
pater – father
patres – forefathers, ancestors
patrui relicta – paternal uncle’s widow
patrinus/a/i – godfather/godmother/godparents
patruus – paternal uncle
patruerlis – paternal nephew
pie – piously
post – after
postridie – on the day after
pridie – on the day before
privignus/a – stepson/stepdaughter of a father
pro – in behalf of, for
proclamatio – bann, decree
proles – issue, child
proles spuria – illegitimate child
proneptus – grand niece
propinqui – relations, relatives
prosocrus – wife’s grandmother
proximo, prox. – of the next month
pudicus/a – chaste
puella – girl
priores – ancestors
proavus/a – great grandfather/great grandmother
prorare vexilla – patriotic
provincia – province
proximus consanguineus – nearest relation
puer – boy
puerperium – childbirth
purgatus/a – cleansed, baptized

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