Latin Terms beginning with the letter I

ibidem (ibid.) – in the same place
idem, eadem, iden – the same
ignotus/a – unknown
ille, illa illud – that
ilius – of that
illegitimus – illegitimate
impedimentum – impediment or hindrance (as to a marriage)
impedimentum consanguinitas – impediment of too close a blood relationship (2nd cousin or closer)
   nulloque detecto impedimento matrimonio – and no marital impediment having been uncovered
imponere – to place upon, to impose
impositus/a/um – imposed, placed upon, given
   cui impositum est nomen – to whom was given the name
infans – infant
instant, inst. – of the current month
inuptus/a – unmarried
infra – below, later
infrascriptus – written below
intra – within
ipse/a/um – himself/herself/itself
ita – thus, so
item – also, likewise

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