1879 Yellow Fever Deaths in Memphis, Tennessee, August 24th – 30th

Mortuary Report of the Board of Health for the Week Ending August 30th – Deaths by Yellow-Fever and from Other Causes.

Yellow Fever Deaths.

J. W. Dandridge, age 24, male, colored.
Joe Kelly, age 20, male, colored.
L. Johnson, age 36, female, colored.
M. Watson, age 28, male, white.
C. Atwood, age 23, female, white.
C. H. Hilcher, age 48, male, white.
A. Bonds, age 35, female, colored.
A. Dougherty, age 35, female, colored.
J. D. Foster, age 18, male, white.
J. M’Gann, age 35, male, colored.
P. Catano, age 44, male, white.
J. M’Dermott, age 26, male, white.
J. B. Thierkoff, age 22, male, white.
H. Bertram, age 46, male, white.
J. E. Burke, age 24, male, white.
Wm. Atwood, age 30, male, white.
M. Wilkie, age 22, female, white.
J. Hunt, age 35, male, colored.
A. Boyd, age 40, male, white.
D. Norton, age 26, male, white.
J. Dubman, age 29, male, white.
R. Bonds, age 7, male, colored.
F. Hollawell, age 14, male, colored.
M. Moody, age 80, female, colored.
T. M’Elroy, age 45, male, white.
D. Rhodes, age 3, male, white.
W. F. Oltman, age 40, male, white.
M. E. Dolan, age 18, female, white.
J. Lowry, age 28, male, colored.
R. E. Egnew, age 56, female, white.
R. Sloan, age 49, female, white.
J. Sloan, age 19, female, white.
G. E. Taylor, age 34, male, white.
B. O. Wilkie, age 34, male, white.
M. Moran, age 35, male, white.
E. Jackson, age 2, female, colored.
W. H. Johnson, age 40, male, white.
G. B. Graves, age 27, male, white.
J. King, age 57, male, colored.
E. M’Dougal, age 52, male, white.
O. Lockwood, age 8, female, white.
G. Gennevine, age 60, male, colored.
M. Whitehead, age 7, female, white.
M. M’Cormick, age 20, female, white.
L. Fazzi, age 32, male, white.
S. Falkenburg, age 43, female, white.
A. E. Hendricks, age 8, female, colored.
R. Bush, age 22, male, colored.
W. H. Casgill, age 26, male, white.
Mrs. J. Pope, age 50, female, white.
Dr. R. E. Rich’s’n, age 46, male, white.

Total deaths from yellow fever for week: 51.
Total deaths from yellow fever to date: 288.

Deaths from other Causes.

H. Harrison, age 38, male, colored, consumption.
C. Beard, age 72, male, colored, general debility.
H. Allen, age 19, male, colored, gun wound.
J. B. Hester, age 63, male, white, paralysis.
P. Brackley, age 14, male, white, typhoid fever.
M. Summers, age 28, female, colored, metritis.
Wm. miller, age 48, male, white, suicide.
N. M. Miller, age 44, female, white, dysentery.
J. Dunscomb, age 63, male, colored, consumption.
L. Fowlkes, age 2, female, colored, marasmus.
R. Griffin, age 2, male, colored, cho’. infant.
M. Whitehead, age 30, female, colored, difficult labor.
J. Etheridge, age 23, male, colored, suicide.
F. Eldridge, age 34, male, colored, convulsions.
K. Keating, age 55, male, white, cong. fever.
Inf’t F. Jones, age 6 days, male, colored, trismus nas.

Yellow Fever Cases.

Total number of yellow fever cases for the week ending August 30th: 171.
Total number of cases to date: 848.

Abstract prepared by Genealogy-Quest.com from “Mortuary Report” Memphis Daily Appeal, Memphis, TN, 31 August 1878, 2.

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