Abbreviations beginning with the letter M

m. – married; month
m1, m (1) – married first
m2, m (2) – married second etc.
M – male
mbr – member
mbrp – membership
mcd – married contrary to Discipline (Quaker)
MCD – minor civil division (Census Soundex)
MG – Minister of the Gospel
MH – meeting house
mi – miles
MIA – Missing in Action (military)
m-i-l – mother in law
MM – monthly meeting
MOLLUS – Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MOPH – Military Order of the Purple Heart
mos. – months; married out of society (Quaker)
mou – married out of unity (Quaker)
MOWW – Military Order of World Wars
Mr. – Mister, a title of respect
mnth – month
mt – married to
mtg – meeting
Mu – mulatto, person with one Caucasian and one Negro parent
mvd – moved
MWA – Modern Woodmen of America

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