Abbreviations beginning with the letter D

d. – died
DAC – Daughters of American Colonists
DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution
dau. – daughter
DAV – Disabled American Veterans
DBE – Daughters of the British Empire
DCLI – Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
dec. – deceased, dead
dec’d – deceased, dead
DED – Declared Dead (military)
desc. – descendant
d-i-l – daughter in law
dis. – disowned, disowned for (Quaker)
div. – divorce
DLI – Durham Light Infantry
DMWVI – Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
d/o – daughter of
do. – ditto, the same as the previous entry
DOB – Date of birth
DOD – Date of death
DOK – Daughters Of the King
DOW – Died of Wounds (military)
dp – dropped plain dress (Quaker)
dr – drinking to excess (Quaker)
drpd – dropped (Quaker)
DRT – Daughters of the Republic of Texas
d.s.p. – decessit sine prole (Latin), died without issue, childless
dt – daughter, daughters
dtd – dated
DUP – Daughters of Utah Pioneers
DVA – Department of Veterans Affairs
d.v.p. – decessit vitae patre (Latin), died in father’s lifetime

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