Abbreviations beginning with the letter C

c, ca. – circa, about
CAILS – Certified American Indian Lineage Specialist (BCG credential)
CALS – Certified American Lineage Specialist (BCG credential)
Cav. – Cavalry (US military regiments)
cem. – cemetery
cert. – certificate
cd – contrary to the Discipline (Quaker)
ch – child, children; church
CDA – Catholic Daughters of America
chm – condemned his/her misconduct (Quaker)
chr – charter
CG – Certified Genealogist (BCG credential)
CGI – Certified Genealogical Instructor (BCG credential)
CGL – Certified Genealogical Lecturer (BCG credential)
CMSR – Compiled Military Service Record
CMU – Concrete Masonry Unit
c/o – child of
co – chosen overseer (Quaker)
Co. – county or company
col. – colored (Negro, mulatto, fpc)
Col. – Colonel (military rank)
com/comp – complained (Quaker)
comm – committee
con – condemned (Quaker)
CGRS – Certified Genealogical Record Searcher (BCG credential)
chlw – Cotton Loom Hand Worker
CSA – Confederate States of America
ct – certificate
CVA – Confederate Veterans of America
CWSS – Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

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