Have You Heard About Yale Releasing 170,000 Depression Era Photographs?

They didn’t. The photographs have been available at the Library of Congress website for years, but Yale made finding them so much easier!

Yale’s Photogrammar Interactive Map is a great way to find photographs by county – the darker shade of green your county is, the more photographs are available.

When you find a photograph you are interested in be sure to click on the “Call Number (Library of Congress)” about halfway down the left side of the screen to see a higher definition image or download in different formats.

Warner Robins, Georgia. Air Service Command, Robins Field. Private Walter F. Guthrie, of Canadian, Texas, learning to handle a carbine. The instructor is Sergeant Dennis Maloney of Brooklyn, New York. Guthrie was a filling station operator in his hometown; Maloney, a clerk in an A&P store. Both are now members of a depot group[/caption]

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