Yard Near the Last (Near Patrick Station to the South East)

Jas. Cole, A, 77th N. Y.
Jas. Long, F, 61st P. V.
J. B. Grow, E, 3d Vt.
Jos. Titus, F, 4th Vt.
T. Prizzee, C, 93d P. V.
H. C. Libby, – 1st Maine.
J. Holriggle, G, 61st P. V.
H. Kramer, K, 98th P. V.
S. Bernheim, B, 5th Vt.
N. W. Lemmon, A, 61st P. V.
G. Fairbanks, D, 2d Vt.
W. S. Kraft, A, 102d P. V.
A. Wingrove, I, 102d P. V.
Samuel Stall, E, 93d P. V.
H. C. Hadly, D, 11th Vt.
Corp. J. F. Brandon, A, 139th P. V.
Alfred Chase, B, 77th N. Y.
A. Halhorn, I, 2d Vt.
R. C. Cannon, C, 93d Pennsylvania.
Edward Farrel, E, 1st Me.
J. Kauffmann, G, 61st P. V.
W. H. Gould, C, 102d P. V.
Corp. H. G. Fillebrown, C, 4th Vt.
Sergt. Francis E. Kelley, D, 62d N. Y.
Lawrence Macdonald, D, 62d N. Y.
Sergt. Chas. Plummer, K, 1st Me.
Horace G. Barnes, I, 1st Vt. Art.
E. G. Sullivan, G, 1st R. I. Art.
Wm. N. Carpenter, E, 5th N. Y. Art.
Luther Search, H, 1st Ohio Art.
Michael Munster, 3d N. Y. Indep’t Batt’y.
John A. Shay, A, 1st N. J.
H. Gove, – 3d Vt.
Chas. Veislette, H, 1st R. I.
S. Hill.
F. O. Kearney, B, 1st N. J. Art.
Clark Lord, C, 179th N. Y.
C. W. Hartwell, I, 17th Vt.
Chris. P. Pratt, I, 179th N. Y.
W. H. Ham, I, 31st Maine.
J. Harnes, D, 186th N. Y.
L. G. Peagant, B, 1st N. J. Art.
Jas. Jowler, L, 4th N. Y. H. A.
David Fanc-

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