US Army Deaths Reported on 1 August 1918

Rank Soldier Address Cause of Death
Ltn Wiley C. Bissett Newbern, NC KIA
Cpl George W. Reeds Mahoney City, PA KIA
Cpl J. C. St.Lawrence South Braintree, MA KIA
Wagoner Edward Sindler Oshkosh, WI KIA
Pvt Joseph L. Dalbey Philadelphia, PA KIA
Pvt Guerrini D’Avolio Chicago, IL KIA
Pvt Alexandre A. Drummond Funchal, Madeira KIA
Pvt David Geceleak South River, NJ KIA
Pvt Harry E. Little Malden, MA KIA
Pvt Ralph W. Shirley Fryeburg, MO KIA
Pvt Alfred Smith Millville, NJ KIA
Major James C. Williams Ramer, AL Wounds
Ltn Thomas R. Bradley Waxahachie, TX Wounds
Ltn Walter W. Craig New Bethlehem, PA Wounds
Ltn Pete Haddix Evenwood, WV Wounds
Ltn Elmer E. Hagler Springfield, IL Wounds
Ltn James W. Hanbery Pittsburg, PA Wounds
Ltn Howard R. Huston Deering, ND Wounds
Ltn William L. Leconte Atlanta, GA Wounds
Ltn Arthur T. McAllister Boonville. MO Wounds
Ltn George B. McCoy Washington, DC Wounds
Ltn Leon F. Roemer Philadelphia, PA Wounds
Ltn Harold C. Waggatt Everett, MA Wounds
Sgt George S. Koonce Evansville, IN Wounds
Sgt Walter T. Mann Plains, PA Wounds
Sgt Charles M. Sullivan Sparta, WI Wounds
Cpl Harold E. Mason Sioux Falls, SD Wounds
Cpl Roy W. Watson Fond du Lac, WI Wounds
Pvt John W. Fondren Coleman, TX Wounds
Pvt Paul D. Kelley Milton Junction, WI Wounds
Pvt Frank Mattern Mobridge, SD Wounds
Pvt Giuseppe Polaio Polistua, Italy Wounds
Pvt Lloyd Schoemaker Alvin, IL Wounds
Pvt Max A. Straub Herndon, PA Wounds
Captain John D. Irving New York City, NY Disease
Ltn Michael J. Trock Milwaukee, WI Disease
Sgt Henry P. Keith Filliam, MO Disease
Pvt Thomas H. Agar Killduff, IA Disease
Pvt Leo Bird Mattern, GA Disease
Pvt Everett C. Case Churchville, NY Disease
Pvt Louis Coty Worcester, MA Disease
Pvt Caleb Green Meridian, MS Disease
Pvt William Ieheln Lockhart, MN Disease
Pvt William S. O’Keefe Everett, MA Disease
Pvt Lloyd J. Ward Lowville, NY Disease
Ltn Cecil S. Huntington Burlingame, CA Airplance Accident
Ltn Joseph J. Mason Pittsburgh, PA Airplane Accident
Captain George W. Werseba Perth Amboy, NJ Accident/Other
Ltn Julian W. Hopenberg Wetumpka, AL Accident/Other
Ltn Frank B. Sanders Chesterfield, SC Accident/Other
Mechanic Ernest G. Kehoe Solvay, NY Accident/Other
Pvt John Hannula Karruka, Finland Accident/Other
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