US Army Casualties Reported on 10 March 1918

Rank Soldier Condition
Capt Harry C. McHenry KIA
Cpl Dean Parish KIA
Sgt Walter J. Persch KIA
Pvt Albert E. Heschier KIA
Sgt James W. Wedding KIA
Pvt Edward Nash KIA
Pvt Glen E. D. Pederson KIA
Pvt Clifford J. Worden KIA
Cpl Donald H. MacRae KIA
Pvt Isaac Davis KIA
Pvt Byron Van Baden KIA
Pvt Guy O. Worley KIA
Sgt Alva F. Eaton KIA
Pvt John F. Ellis KIA
Pvt Russell L. Selix KIA
Pvt Elmer James McDonough KIA
1st Ltn George Adelbert Ward Died of Natural Causes
Pvt William Flyall Died of Natural Causes
Pvt Dock Maxwell Died of Natural Causes
Pvt Joseph H. Tremblay Died of Natural Causes
Sgt Samuel Torance Died of Natural Causes
2nd Ltn Alex W. Terrell Wounded
Pvt Mofford T. Breese Wounded
Cpl Marvin Dunn Wounded
Cpl Lewis Allyn Simons Wounded
Cpl Lewis E. Deitz Wounded
Pvt Raymond L. Cleason Wounded
Pvt Dan P. Bracelin Wounded
Pvt Fred A. Heintz Wounded
Pvt Merrit B. Mossion Wounded
Pvt Robert L. Clauden Wounded
Pvt Ira J. Rogers Wounded
Pvt William T. Smith Wounded
Pvt Ray C. Walden Wounded
Pvt Arthur M. Shores Wounded
Pvt Jerry Schultz Wounded
Pvt John Vomneka Wounded
Pvt Emil F. Kraft Wounded
Pvt Louis Holmes Wounded
Pvt Lawrence Wenell Wounded
Pvt Joseph Clechowski Wounded
Pvt Fred S. Becker Wounded
Pvt Burton M. Baker Wounded
Pvt Ernest J. Rooney Wounded
Pvt Lee J. Miller Wounded
Pvt Clarence W. Dawson Wounded
Sgt Pearl Edwards Wounded
Pvt James F. Albert Wounded
Pvt Glenn H. Cray Wounded
Pvt Albin Dernek Wounded
Pvt Charles W. McLaughlin Wounded
Cook Charles Danielson Wounded
Pvt Walter G. Smith Wounded
Pvt Offe M. Swanlund Wounded
Pvt Kenmore Thorson Wounded
Pvt Harvey A. McPeak Wounded
Pvt John A. Bedner Wounded
Pvt John McGuiri Wounded
Sgt Raymond Quinian Wounded
Pvt Nicholas McGaughren Wounded
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