“Unnaturalization Records”

Most American genealogists are familiar with at least the idea of naturalization, after all, many of our ancestors were immigrants and of those, many chose to become naturalized American citizens, but not everyone who became a citizen stayed that way. Citizenship could be given up or revoked by the government. The following people came to America, became naturalized citizens of the United States and later lost or renounced that citizenship.

Giuseppe Planera

Born: 19 November 1892 at Amaseno, Italy

Emigrated to United States: 21 August 1912 on the St. George from Naples, Italy to New York
Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia
Married: 7 June 1922 to Teresa De Prosperis
Children: Erasmo, born 21 April 1923 at Amaseno, Italy
Cesare, born 19 June 1925 at Amaseno, Italy
Eugenio, born 25 April 1928 at Amaseno, Italy
Luigi A., born 9 June 1931 at Amaseno, Italy
Livio, born 1 January 1933 at Amaseno, Italy
Tommaso, born 11 February 1935 at Amaseno, Italy
Maria V., born 23 August 1935 at Amaseno, Italy
Anna, born 11 October 1938 at Amaseno, Italy
Assunta, born 31 July 1940 at Amaseno, Italy
On 16 July 1936, Giuseppe became a Naturalized Italian under Article 9, Italian Citizenship Law of 13 June 1912.
He was issued an Italian Identity Card No, 24 by the Comune of Amaseno, Italy.

Dennis Acton Brooks

Born: 27 January 1891 at Newport, England

Emigrated to United States on the Merion from Liverpool, England (20 September 1911) to Philadelphia, PA (4 October 1911).
Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia
Returned to England 20 December 1919
Last residence in United States: 806 Etna St., New Castle, PA
Re-admission to British Nationality: 14 November 1944
Resided: 806 Etna St., Wigan, Lancs.

Martina Averzo

Born: 25 December 1889 at Ceca, Rome

Emigrated: from Naples, Itlay (7 March 1913) to New York (23 March 1913)
Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia
Naturalized as Italian Citizen: 5 February 1927

John Kroll

Born: 23 February 1893 in Poland

Emigrated: from Antwerp, Belgium (31 August 1912) to New York (9 September 1912)
Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia
Naturalized as Polish: 15 July 1935

Lucio Notarrigo

Born: 14 August 1893 at Villarose, Italy

Emigrated: from Palermo (26 July 1911) to New York (15 August 1911) on the Calabria
Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia
“Lost U.S. Citizenship” no date given

Nicholas Khoury

Born: 4 September 1892 at Marseilles, France

Emigrated: September 1911 from Cherbourg, France to New York
Resided: 1552 Putnam Ave., Detroit, Michigan in 1926
Died: 8 June 1943 at Aitaneet, Bekaa, Lebanon

Abraham Audi

Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia

Left United States in August 1919 with no passport
Enlisted in Palestine Police
Convicted of bribery and sentenced to 18 months

Stefan I. Ionescu (Steve Y. Yonescu)

Naturalized: 12 June 1918 at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia

Nationality: Rumanian
Renounced United States Citizenship on 30 June 1924
Resided: 30 Strada Cuza Voda, Calafat, Romania

Military Petitions, Naturalization Records of District Courts in the Southeast, 1790-1958, National Archives Publication M1547, Roll 46, Records of District Courts of the United States, Record Group 21, National Archives Building, Washington, DC.

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