Sutherland’s Tavern.

A. W. Hearin, G, 20th Maine.
E. Gutheridge, I, 11th Virginia.
Porter Crawford, D, 94th N. Y.
Wm. H. Howard, H, 22nd South Carolina.
Adam Grosgclose, A, 1st Virginia.
Daniel Conway, — A, 1st Virginia.
J. B. Maylin, H, 53d Virginia.
Daniel B. Williamson, E, 47th North Carolina.
John H. Stanton, C, 23d North Carolina.
Geo. Gonburn, D, 9th N. Y.
Jonathan Henderson, H, 44th North Carolina.
B. F. McGillberry, — 23d South Carolina.
N. T. Norwood, — South Carolina V.
Sergt. Math. Creamer, B, 10th New Jersey.
Sergt. Jas. Haskins, M, 17th Mich. Cav.

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