The Dumbarton Castle

List of the crew of his Majesty’s Ship

George Lyon, commander
Hugh Campbell, master
John Semple, doctor
John Boag, gunner
William Taylyor, boatsuain
Patrick Gray, carpenter
John Gordon, 1st mate
Ninian Warden, 2nd mate
Edward Menin, cook
John Charters, doctors mate
Nicolas Limon, quartermaster
Patrick Ritchy, quartermaster
George Taylyor, midshipman
John Ridlen, midshipman
John Brock, quartermaster
Archbald Scott, midshipman
Thomas Walker, couper
Patrick Johnston, cocksone
James Lyell, carpenters mate
John Calderwood, gunners mate for James Shirer
Thomas Crawfoard, sailler
James Shirer, sailler
Neill Montgomery, sailler
David Boag, ordiner
William Bell, ordiner
John Hoome, ordiner
William Gordon, ordiner
John Steuart, ordiner
John Dennie, ordiner
John Ashine, ordiner
Robert Telfer, joyner
Gavin Forsyth, ordinar
Hugh McArter, sailler
William Anderson, sailler
Patrick Callbreath, quartermaster
William Ritchy, sailler
Archbald Turnbull, sailler
Gilbert Muat, sailler
James Clark, sailler
John Carruth, sailler
Umphra Morison, sailler
James Young, sailler
John Buchanan, sailler
Neill Gray, sailler
William Anderson, elder, sailler
Archbald Potter, sailler
Robert Montgomery, sailler
Robert Ganerden, sailler
William Fyfe, sailler
John Gey
John Temple
Henry Ridlen
Patrick Hoome, sailler
John Murray, sailler
John Stevenson, sailler
George Pollock, steuart
John Walker, ordiner
John Tod, boy
Henry Lyell, sailler
Hugh Graham, sailler
Androw Lyon, sailler
John Ritchy, midshipman
James Adam, sailler
Gabriell Green, sailler
Henry Clark, sailler
Alexander Wilson, sailler
John Lootfoot, sailler
John Rid, sailler, dead
Thomas Leish, sailler
Arthur Fisher, sailler
Thomas Taylyor, midshipman
Alexander Nimmo, midshipman
Nill Offrill, dead
John Meldrum, clerk
George Lyon, boy
John Thomson, dead

Grant, James, ed., The Old Scots Navy from 1689 to 1710 (London: Navy Records Society, 1914), pp. 237-240.

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