Prisoners of War Deceased in Richmond

Prisoners of War Deceased in Richmond Since 1 August 1861, as reported in the National Intelligencer Newspaper on 7 January 1862

Name Unit
W. M. Smith 71st NY
A. Pemiott 1st RI
A. J. White 1st RI
W. F. Oxford 2nd NH
E. N. Keables 2nd VT
J. B. Smith 2nd RI
John Williams 13th NY
John Bradley 14th NY
H. P. Hale 11th NY
J. B. Nichols 13th NY
Horace Hunter 3rd ME
Henry Smith 11th NY
A. E. Farmer 11th Mass
J. P. Jarrison 1st Minn
C. McAvoy 79th NY
H. Jaques 2nd RI
J. N. Cobb 2nd RI
J. F. Saile 1st Minn
C. R. Prescott 14th NY
J. B. Miller 11th NY
J. A. Campbell 14th NY
Stephen Russell      3rd ME
C. H. Chase 2nd RI
J. Garvey 2nd VT
J. R. Johnson 27th NY
S. Weld 11th Mass
J. B. Bate 69th NY
F. Souvey 14th NY
C. Durand 12th NY
J. Hamilton 2nd Wis
E. M. Thomas 1st ME
John Leonard 2nd VT
A. H. Brown 3rd ME
A. B. Bailey 2nd NH
A. M. Hunt 27th NY
C. McDonald 79th NY
J. A. Tettle 15th PA
N. C. Buck 79th NY
Sam Tobias 19th NY
P. Murray 8th US
G. Rodman 2nd RI
C. H. Evans 3rd US
S. B. Gowan 4th ME
W. C. Hayes 2nd NH
C. E. Trowbridge 2nd Wis
J. H. McClung 14th NY
G. M. Andrews 27th NY
Geo W. Anderson      4th ME
D. Brooks 2nd NH
J. Cunningham 8th US
G. M. Clenly 2nd ME
F. Slack 1st Conn
E. L. Reed 2nd Wis
J. Truxall 25th OH
R. Gleason 11th NY
Wm Yeager 15th PA
J. D. Duffee 1st Minn
Jacob Dietry 14th NY
J. C. Gilman 2nd ME
C. W. Tibbets 27th NY
C. F. Clark 1st Minn
W. Batt 1st Cal, Pa
Jas Carlisle 79th NY
C. Lamb 15th Mass
C. F. Perry 4th ME
John M. Lee 1st Minn
W. J. Deverame 2nd ME
F. Weatherby 2nd NH
Wm Gibbs 7th Ohio
Jas Ashmore 1st Cal, Pa
T. Woodward 15th Mass
J. W. Bishop 27th NY
J. Canghman 9th VA
L. Phipps 15th Mass
C. Upham 15th Mass
R. A. Ellis 15th Mass
Wm G. Bishop 11th NY
R. Menamin 1st Cal, Pa
J. Marsten 49th NY
J. L. Nichuels 1st Cal, Pa
Jas Lemon 24th Ohio
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