On Peeble’s Farm.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

O. Flinx, C, 6th New Hampshire.
Cyrus A. Munjer, E, 38th Wisconsin.
Stephens A. Calrk, K, 7th R. I.
All. Robbins, A, 155th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Davis, A, 155th Pennsylvania.
S. J. Denny, I, 155th Pennsylvania.
Corp. Robt. F. Webb, A, 36th Wisconsin.
Albert Little, B, 2d N. Y. M. R.
Sergt. Robt. McCulloch, C, 35th Mass.
Daniel Boyes, — 48th Pennsylvania.
W. H. Newhouse, F, 13th Ohio.
E. M. Bencamp, H, 80th Pennsylvania.
Smith Dennington, E, 83d Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Chas. W. Trumbull, B, 2d Michigan.
A. Baker, C, 91st Pennsylvania.

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