Near Spain House

– Sink, D, 198th Pennsylvania.
Geo. Stephens, D, 198th Pennsylvania.
Wm. T. Homer, L, 198th Pennsylvania.
Chas. Boners, K, 185th N. Y.
Stephen Finnegan, F, 91st N. Y.
Corp. Philip Wyand, G, 91st N. Y.
Sidney Margnet, D, 91st N. Y.
Wm. Richardson, C, 12th S. C.
Peter Delong, G, 11th N. Y.
Edward Contle, F, 11th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Robinson, F, 11th Pennsylvania.
Wm. (or Josiah) Brown, B, 11th Pennsylvania.
John Farrell, F, 91st N. Y.
Andrew Bordon, C, 91st N. Y.
Frank D. Wood, F, 91st N. Y.
August Festi, H, 95th N. Y.
John Rogers, L, 11th Pennsylvania.
Andrew Morrison, G, 147th N. Y.
I. E. Parker, G, 147th N. Y.
Christopher Woodbeck, H, 91st N. Y.
— Baunters.
Milton Vauneler.
J. H. Harmer, F, 198th Pennsylvania.
J. Kimball, F, 189th N. Y.
H. B. Davis, F, 189th N. Y.
F. Emery, F, 189th N. Y.
John L. Brewer, G, 198th Pennsylvania.
Lieut. J. Strong, F, 155th P. V. Res.

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