Near Patrick Station to the South East

Gee. Wilson, B, 64th N. Y.
Geo. Kebboe, D, 52d N. Y.
John Pratt, B, 5th New Hampshire.
John Redmond, I, 7th N. Y. H. A.
Chris. Madden, A, 63d N. Y.
Seaman Nie, F, – N. Y. H. A.
Lawrence E. Babcock, C, 125th N. Y.
Perry Forrest, E, 64th N. Y.
Max Leemgruber, H, 7th N. Y.
David Sloan, C, 61st N. Y.
Chas. Tonsay, D, 11th N. Y.
John McCoy, K, 69th N. Y.
Allen Runnington, I, 5th New Hampshire.
J. A. Logue, B, 53d Pennsylvania.
A. Mesick, E, 111th N. Y.
Geo. White, C, 28th Massachusetts.
Andrew Dowen, C, 28th Massachusetts.
Owen Brennan, A, 28th Massachusetts.
S. L. Putney, H, 69th N. Y.
Jesse Hopkins, G, 61st N. Y.
Wm. Huffman.
W. A. How, D, 183d Pennsylvania.
Henry Burgess, G, 52d N. Y.
W. Slattery, H, 2d N. Y.
John Howard, A, 111th N. Y.
Hugene Straham, D, 64th N. Y.
W. I. Parson, B, 148th Pennsylvania.
Albert Linton, B, 81st Pennsylvania.
James Kern, G, 111th N. Y.
John White, G, 5th N. Y.
Orland Golder, H, 111th N. Y.
Chas. Bott, H, 61st. N. Y.
H. Groften, -28th Massachusetts.
H. Hofferand, H, 64th N. Y.
A. 0. Carter, A, 179th N. Y.
Geo. Webster, B, 44th N. Y.
Freman Elwell, I, 20th Maine.
Mos. Burkheal, D, 16th Michigan.
Chas. Colflesh, G, 118th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Sam. Johnson, I, 16th Michigan.
John White, L, 16th Michigan.
Mitchel Laplant, L, 16th Michigan.
Sergt. John Roublemar, A, 16th Michigan.
J. Johnson, – 37th North Carolina.
Sergt. Jacob Dexheimer, E, 69th N. Y.
Sergt. John Miller, B, 69th N. Y.
Chas. Frainer, F, 69th N. Y.
F. Smallon, K, 69th N. Y.
Corp. Wm. Leabey, K, 69th N. Y.
Jas. Signal, E, 69th N. Y.
Geo. Stackpole, H, 69th N. Y.
Jos. Collins, H, 69th N. Y.
Corp. John Murphy, B, 28th Massachusetts.
John Lee, H, 69th N. Y.
John Andersen, I, 145th Pennsylvania.
H. Cromfar, D, 148th Pennsylvania.
Henry Lawrence, A, 2d N. Y. A.
John Winter, A, 64th N. Y.
H. Philips, K, 8th N. Y. A.
H. Niles, I, 8th N. Y. A.
W. P. Griggs, I, 121st N. Y.
John Thornton, B, 8th N. Y. A.
E. Townsend, A, 3d Pa. Cav.
J. S. Moore, D, 19th Maine.
A. Charles, A, 19th Maine.
S. A. Bingham, K, 148th Pennsylvania.
Renaldo I. Walker, F, 12th New Jersey.
Gabl. Day, E, 155th Pennsylvania.
Peter Winters, L, 8th N. Y. A.
John Smith, H, 1st Delaware.
Lt. Col. F. I. Spantler, – 4th Ohio.
Corp. A. Baker, F, 12th New Jersey.
Wm. H. Stockton, E, 12th New Jersey.
Rich. Birch, C, 10th N. Y.
Lieut H. G. Maclavish, A. A. A. G. 2d B. 2d D. 2d A. C.
Moses Granley, A, 69th Pennsylvania.
Geo Poole, L, 8th N. Y. A.
J. D. Dugeon, D, 10th N. Y.
John Smith, E, 69th N. Y.
Chas. H. Thomas, B, 23d U. S. C. T.
Louis Harris, H, – U. S. C. T.
Preston Cook, H, 28th U. S. C. T.
Wm. Brown, I, 23d U. S. C. T.
Jas. H. Buck, G, 4th N. Y. A.
Sergt. Chas. D. Harper, A, 40th N. Y.
F. H. Freadmore, F, 120th N. Y.
Michael Mahar, I, 120th N. Y.
Frederick Bunte, D, 120th N. Y.
Sergt. Sam. Syme, I, 120th N. Y.
Cyrus Hanks, G, 120th N. Y.
Henry G. Long, E, 40th N. Y.
Geo. Gainer, I, 57th Pennsylvania.
Simeon Weiler, H, 8th New Jersey.
Narris Blamondow, K, 8th New Jersey.
John Burns, C, 8th New Jersey.
Albert Phelps, K, 141st Pennsylvania.
H. B. Walker, H, 20th Michigan.

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