Crew Member’s Next of Kin

MJD, 12/30/44

2nd Lt. James E. Bailey Mrs. Jane C. Bailey (Wife)
Rushtown, OH
2nd Lt. John M. Brown Mr. William Brown (father)
Box 194
Harrisburg, Illinois
2nd Lt. William C. Brine Mrs. Katherine F. Brine (mother)
608 Humphrey Street
Swampscott, Massachusetts
1st Lt. Howard E. Hewitt Mrs. Mabel V. Hewitt (mother)
Cherry Street
Pedricktown, New Jersey
Sgt. Walter J. Cochran Mr. John M. Cochran (father)
Rural Free Delivery, No. 4
Butler, Pennsylvania
Sgt. Robert H. Hill Mrs. Maxine V. Hill (wife)
Rural Free Delivery, No. 1, Glouster, Ohio
Sgt. Andrew Leier Mr. Carl Leier (father)
Rte No. 1, Kintyre, North Dakota
Sgt. Herman Moore Mrs. Anna F. Moore (wife)
8115 South Bird Court
Cicero, Illinois
Sgt. Lloyd W. Beling Mrs. Maggie L. Beling (mother)
Rural Free Delivery, No. 3
Bentonville, Arkansas
Sgt. Theodore F. Golan Mrs. Katherine Golan (mother)
2019 South Pulaski Street
Chicago, Illinois

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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