8 November 1862

Names Rank Regt Date Cause
Hugh O Donnell Pvt Co. E, 97th Penn Vols October 2nd congestive fever
Frederick Hensch Cpl Co. F, 76th Penn October 31st typhoid fever
Samuel K. Emery Sgt Co. A, 76th Penn October 31st wounds
James McNulty Pvt Co. B, 97th Penn October 31st pernicious fever
C. Jdall Pvt Co. H, 47th Penn October 30th wounds
F. Uhland Pvt Co. G, 47th Penn October 30th wounds
Henry H. Hoyt Pvt Co. D, 6th Conn October 30th wounds
Nicholas Carston civilian October 29th
George W. Pratt Pvt Co. A, 7th Conn October 28th chronic diarrhea
Fred Sultzbough Pvt Co. I, 76th Penn November 1st wounds
J. Grove Higgins Pvt Co. E, 97th Penn November 1st
A. McCartney Pvt Co. F, 97th Penn November 1st
R. M. Neal Pvt Co. A, 3rd NH October 31st diptheria
Patrick Shea Pvt Co. F, 3rd NH November 2nd congestive fever
James McConnell Cpl Co. H, 97th Penn November 2nd remittent fever
Henry Schmidt Pvt Co. D, 76th Penn November 3rd typhoid fever
John Heil Pvt Co. G, 47th Penn November 3rd wounds
E. Middleton Sgt Co. B, 97th Penn November 4th
A. C. Towne Pvt Co. D, 1st Mass Cav November 5th
J. Templeton Pvt Co. L, 2nd RI Art’y November 4th congestive fever
Aaron Fink Pvt Co. B, 17th Penna November 5th wounds
Bernard Murray Pvt Co. I, 3rd RI Vols November 6th

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