30 August 1862

Names Rank Regt Date
Charles Ring Pvt Co. H, 3rd NH Aug. 21st
Josiah H. Ladd 1st Sgt Co. G, 76th PA Aug. 24th
Wm. T. Davis Drummer Co. I, 3rd NH Aug. 25th
Charles Morgan Pvt Co. H, 3rd NH Aug. 26th
Henry Burkholder Pvt Co. F, 76th PA Aug. 23rd
Augustus Dennis Cpl Co. F, 48th NY Aug. 26th
Martin Bayer Pvt Co. C, 6th Conn Aug. 26th
Wm. Blair Pvt Co. I, 3rd RI Aug. 26th
Henry Root Pvt Co. F, 7th Conn Aug. 24th
Ezekiel Walker Pvt Co. C, 97th PA Aug. 21st
Alonzo Smith Pvt Co. I, 3rd RI Aug. 24th
Patrick Conley Pvt Co. G, 6th Conn Aug. 20th
John Seely Pvt Co. D, 6th Conn Aug. 10th
E. H. Abbott Pvt Co. B, 6th Conn Aug. 7th
Frank Mack Pvt Co. K, 6th Conn Aug. 20th
H. E. Garish Capt Co. K, 6th Conn Aug. 19th
J. W. Bailey Pvt Co. K, 4th NH Aug. 21st
Wm. P. Kendall Pvt Co. B, 4th NH Aug. 18th
John Mack Pvt Co. G, 55th PA Aug 6th
George Sannoe Pvt Co. G, 55th PA Aug. 11th
Jeremiah Smith Pvt Co. H, 47th PA Aug. 8th
Hugh O’Donald Pvt Co. C, 28th Mass Aug. 12th

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