3 October 1863

Names Rank Regt Date Cause
Elias Kuhn Pvt Co. K, NY Vols October 1st anasarca
Abram Deroy civilian Co. K, 56th NY Vols September 30th chronic diarrhea
Roswell Kenerson civilian Co. I, 7th NH Vols September 27th chronic diarrhea
Martin Thornton Pvt Co. H, 3rd RI Art September 26th remittent fever
Erastus Knox civilian Co. I, 7th NH Vols September 24th chronic diarrhea
John Pendergrast civilian from QMD September 26th chronic diarrhea
Jeremiah Blaisdell Pvt Co. A, 8th Maine October 2nd typhoid fever
Chas Brown Pvt Co. E, 4th NH September 25th dysentery
David Gordon Co. C, 4th NH September 26th dysentery
Oliver Crosby Pvt Co. E, 24th Mass chronic diarrhea
C. H. Stockbridge Pvt 7th NH September 25th chronic diarrhea
John Price Pvt Co. E, 7th NH September 25th chronic diarrhea
Adam Fairshaw Pvt Co. B, 2nd SC September 25th dropsy
A. Phipps Pvt Co. K, 97th Penn September 25th chronic diarrhea
W. S. Johnson Pvt Co. I, 4th NH September 27th dysentery
H. Lockwood Pvt Co. I, 10th Conn September 27th chronic diarrhea
H. Mack Pvt Co. H, 2nd SC September 27th chronic diarrhea
John W. Slue Pvt Co. D, 7th NH September 26th chronic diarrhea
S. Clark Sgt Co. A, NYV Eng September 23rd gun shot wounds
J. Robinson Pvt Co. K, 3rd NH September 23rd gun shot wounds
Stephen Freel Pvt Co. A, 62nd OH September 23rd typhoid fever
Isaac Finton Pvt Co. I, 24th Mass September 22nd chronic diarrhea
Paige R. Smith Pvt Co. D, 7th NH September 22nd dysentery
April Lewis Pvt Co. B, 2nd SC Vols September 22nd congestive fever
Henry Steward Sgt Co. E, 54th Mass September 28th chronic diarrhea
Thomas Quigley Pvt Co. B, 3rd NY Art September 29th chronic dysentery
Oval Choppell Pvt Co. E, 97th Penn September 29th chronic dysentery
Thos Page Pvt Co. A, 100th NY September 29th diarrhea
Jacob Hoffman Pvt Co. B, NYV Eng September 29th wounds
R. Courtney Pvt Co. C, 54th Mass September 29th dysentery
R. Christ Pvt Co. B, 109th Ohio September 18th apoplexy
W. S. DeLong Pvt Co. B, 142nd NY September 14th chronic heart disease
G. W. Dwinnell Co. B, 40th Mass September 14th chronic diarrhea
A. Branot Co. A, 144th NY September 16th dysentery
Wm Neff Co. D, 144th NY September 16th measles

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