Michigan Soldiers in the Patriot War, 1838-1839

Capt. Isaac Rowland’s Independent Company, Brady Guards, Michigan Militia

Captain Isaac S. Rowland
2nd Lieutenant John J. Ashley
3rd Lieutenant George C. Bates
Lieutenant Edmond Kearsley
1st Sergeant Marshal I. Bacon
Sergeant James A. Armstrong
Sergeant C. H. Buhl
Sergeant John Chester
Sergeant Caleb F. Davis
Sergeant Andrew T. McReynolds
Sergeant Charles W. Penny
Corporal James H. Farnsworth
Corporal David E. Harbaugh
Corporal Benjamin B. Moore
Corporal Elisha P. Seymoor
Private William Hall
Private John S. Abbott
Private A. G. Abel
Private Orville S. Adams
Private Charles S. Adams
Private Thomas B. Andrews
Private Amasa G. Atherton
Private John G. Atterbury
Private Simpson Buck
Private Charles M. Bull
Private George C. Bull
Private Thomas M. Burcham
Private James Chapman
Private Marcellus C. Churchill
Private Z. M. Clark
Private James S. Connor
Private Israel Coultier
Private William H. Covert
Private Zalman J. Cowles
Private James G. Crane
Private George Davis
Private Peter E. Demill
Private George Doty
Private Henry Doty
Private E. G. Drake
Private Merritt Fisher
Private Charles R. Griswold
Private William Hall
Private George E. Hand
Private Charles Harrington
Private James C. Henry
Private David S. Hickox
Private Joseph G. Hill
Private D. C. Holbrook
Private Henry G. Hubbard
Private Walter D. Ingersoll
Private Griffith H. Jones
Private Tobias Lowe
Private A. G. Lyon
Private Charles Mack
Private John McCarthy
Private Jesse McMillan
Private John McReynolds
Private Elijah H. Metcalf
Private George C. Moon
Private James H. Mullett
Private Henry A. Naglee
Private Spencer Norvell
Private Charles Peltier
Private John Y. Petty
Private John Pierson
Private Edward Proby
Private Christian M. Quackenbush
Private Norman Rawson
Private Thomas J. Rees
Private Franklin Sawyer, jr.
Private Alexander H. Sibley
Private James S. Smith
Private M. A. Smolk
Private Marcus Stevens
Private Benjamin G. Stimson
Private H. Norton Strong
Private David Stuart
Private Silas Titus
Private Charles A. Trowbridge
Private Scott W. Updike
Private Robert Wagstaff
Private Chauncey Wales
Private John T. Warren
Private Washington Watkins
Private George C. Watson
Private James Watson
Private M. Howard Webster
Private John Wells
Private William H. Wells
Private David S. Wheelock
Private E. B. Whipple
Private David B. Wilcox
Private Alpheus S. Williams
Private Morris M. Williams
Private John Winder
Private William Wingert
Musician Casper H. Hooker
Musician William Howland

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