Large Yard West of Parke’s Station

Hiram Horton, F, 140th N. Y.
Wm. C. White, E, 210th Pennsylvania.
Hen. Erwen, C, 210th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Paynter, A, 157th Pennsylvania.
James Cambell, I, 4th Delaware.
Archibald Woodruff, M, 15th N. Y. Art.
L. W. Hurlburd, I, 140th N. Y.
Ferdinand Yeager, K, 1st Md.
John E. Ward, B, 4th Delaware.
Levy T. Moon, E, 44th Wis.
Wm. Chiseltine, C, 1st Md.
John Befurt, B, 157th Pennsylvania.
Emmanuel Boon, B, 210th Pennsylvania.
Warren Bradford, A, 190th Pennsylvania.
Francis Galloway, D, 1st Mass. Cav.
Charles McKinstry, F, 210th Pennsylvania.
Thomas Davis, C, 3d Delaware.
John Riehie, A, 3d Delaware.
Wm. H. Palemtory, G, 4th Delaware.
Nathan Tobs, – 210th Pennsylvania.
Robt Ackley, G, 210th Pennsylvania.
T. Allen, K, 198th Pennsylvania.
G. H. Sampler, 188th N. Y.
S. McIntire, A, 185th N. Y.
Sergt. Fitz Simmons, K, 91st Pennsylvania.
I. Matteson, F, 185th N. Y.
Corp. M. I. Moss, H, 189th N. Y.

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