Half Mile West of Parke’s Station

Ezra T. Warner, E, 40th New Jersey.
Wm. J. Reynolds, C, 15th New Jersey.
Sylvester Smith, E, 4th New Jersey.
David D. Russell, H, 10th New Jersey.
Alfred Tompkins, C, 1st New Jersey.
Manuel Silver, E, 10th New Jersey.
John O. Neal, I, 40th New Jersey.
Corp. E. D. Vallette, D, 2d Rhode Island.
Wm. Haverill, H, 37th Massachusetts.
Sergt. John T. Rimpell, B, – Maryland Cav.
Thos. W. Twyford, D, 109th Pennsylvania.
Corp. B. Higdon, G, 7th Indiana.
Geo. Rosison, D, –
John Johnston, C, 97th N. Y.
Joshua T. Copper.
John Waitknight, F, 118th Pennsylvania.
John Stenner, A, Purnell Legion.
I. T. Davis, D, 4th Rhode Island.
Sylvester Trout, G, 2d Connecticut.
David Cramner, I, 2d Connecticut.
P. Heggekjar, I, 5th Wisconsin.
Michael Apal, K, 5th Wisconsin.
John Southmayde, E, 5th Wisconsin.
Milton S. Frazier, C, 82d Pennsylvania.
Near by:- Capt. J. B. Doughty, A, 5th Wis.

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