Half a Mile East of Avery House near the Grove

Peter Brennan, D, 40th N. Y.
Edwd. Kupferschun, D, 5th New Jersey.
Earl Hulbert, F, 5th Michigan
Jas. Murray, F, 86th N. Y.
Reuben Boyd, C, 40th N. Y.
Lines D. Richards, K, 57th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Geo. H. Coffin, D, 2d U. S. S. S.
Pat’k Hughes, D, 6th New Jersey.
Peter Conlon, G, 11th New Jersey.
Jas. Mulligan, K, 11th New Jersey.
Jas. Ryerson, D, 124th N. Y.
Thos. Odonell, C, 52d N. Y.
Geo. Cockran, E, 99th Pennsylvania.
Michael Keller, A, 8th New Jersey.
Isaac Horr, B, 105th Pennsylvania.
Jas. H. Hall, E, 17th Maine.
Wm. Grinder, L, 99th Pennsylvania.
Lewis Shores, 1, 120th N. Y.
John Barnes, K, 120th N. Y.
Geo. Wagner, A, 4th N. Y. H. A.
M. V. Campbell, B, 124th N. Y.
Grant B. Benjamin, G, 124th N. Y.
Jas. Furman, E, 120th N. Y.
Chester Judson, H, 124th N. Y.
Simon P. Post, K, 124th N. Y.
John R. Doxie, I, 73d N. Y.
Henry George, B, 40th N. Y.
Thos Corby, – 43d N. Y.
John Leo, B, 11th New Jersey.
John W. Trout, F, 11th New Jersey.
A. F. Büchard, K, 141st Pennsylvania.
Lemuel Hall, F, 40th N. Y.
Nicholas Sherry, –10th N. Y.
Danl. E. Kirk, F, 40th N. Y.
Sergt. Peter Petffor, I, 5th Michigan.
Corp. David A. Chase, L, 1st Maine H. A.
Thos. Woodman, K, 1st Maine H. A.
Hugh Shantro, I, 4th N. Y. Art.
Jas. Jevine, F, 120th N. Y.
D. Borrus, F, 4th N. Y. Art.
Dubois Beacraft, G, 40th N. Y.
Thornton E. Pearcy, G, 1st Maine Art.
John Marsh, D, 63d Pennsylvania.
Robt. Parrent, G, 11th N. Y.
Jas. Miller, B, 105th Pennsylvania.
Wm. A. Miller, I, 105th Pennsylvania.

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