At and Near Fort Gregg

Henry Ohlhnes, E, 39th Illinois.
Sergt. W. W. Lamb, F, 39th Illinois.
S. F. Proud, A, 39th Illinois.
W. McLean, C, 39th Illinois.
– Vahn, D, 39th Illinois.
R. N. Hurnell, D, 39th Illinois.
Peter Sowers, K, 39th Illinois.
P. Diviney, F, 39th Illinois.
– Steelhamer, F, 39th Illinois.
Thos. W. Shinkle, I, 39th lllinois.
Corp. David Bailey, I, 39th Illinois.
R. Babcock, E, 39th Illinois.
G. W. Gurton, E, 39th Illinois.
Thos. Dewey, F, 39th Illinois.
Hugh Rorke, A, 39th Illinois.
Lieut. R. McMillin, I, 199th Pennsylvania.
I. W. Tewksberry, I, 199th Pennsylvania.
– Kinny, I, 199th Pennsylvania.
John J. Moreland, D, 199th Pennsylvania.
Caleb Hagenbaugh, D, 199th Pennsylvania.
Henry Moyer, F, 199th Pennsylvania.
Jos. Roger, C, 199th Pennsylvania.
J. Martin, A, 199th Pennsylvania.
N. Hess, B, 199th Pennsylvania.
David Ensley, G, 199th Pennsylvania.
Jos. Vance, H, 199th Pennsylvania.
John Shaughnecy, B, 34th Mass.
Harvey B. Stone, I, 34th Mass.
Noah Connel, K, 67th Ohio.
Jeremiah Gusford, – 67th Ohio.
Thos. Guff, K, 67th Ohio.
Adam Sivarnel, K, 67th Ohio.
– Ashem, K, 67th Ohio.
Chas. D. Long. K, 67th Ohio.
Henry C. Whitman, G, 34th Mass.
I. I. Ropes, H, 110th N. Y.
Corp. I. M. Hartley, B, 116th Ohio.
Sergt. H. E. Humphrey, B, 116th Ohio.
Lieut. Wm. H. Bush, H, 116th Ohio.
Sergt. John G. Ricthmiller, E, 116th Ohio.
Martin Hysell, G, 116th Ohio.
Henry Michaels, B, 158th N. Y.
C. Bridert, E, 23d Illinois.
Jas. Kennedy, H, 58th N. Y.

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