Back of Fort Rice

C. North, D, 7th N. Y. H. A.
Jas. M. Tyler, H, 19th Maine.
G. S. Cobb, I, 19th Maine.
Mark Ryder, H, 73d N. Y.
I. Stork, F, – U. S. Infantry.
Sergt. Theo. Barraclough, F, 6th N. Y.
Samuel Bell, C, 6th N. Y. H. A.
Jas. Stevens, I, 10th Massachusetts.
Lyman R. Blood, F, 20th Massachusetts.
Adam Heidy, B, 4th Maryland.
Sergt. G. T. Shipley, E, 4th Maryland.
T. T. Daggett, F, 20th Maine.
H. E. Dunbar, G, 20th Maine.
I. T. Myres, D, 11th U. S. Infantry.
Hurburt Stone, – 11th U. S. Infantry.
Renauld A-.

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