3rd Division Hospital at Meade Station

Cemetery 3d Division, 9th A. C. Hospital, Meade Station.

Chas. W. Partlen, K, 1st Conn. Art.
Wm. Kaske, K, 1st Conn. Art.
Patrick Duff, K, 1st Conn. Art.
Enoch Sykes, F, 209th Pennsylvania.
Amandes Moyer, H, 209th Pennsylvania.
Wm. P. H. Clark, H, 209th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Stonebraker, C, 209th Pennsylvania.
Jacob Hummer, B, 209th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. C. E. Hemphill, F, 211th Pennsylvania.
Thos. H. Kitchen, C, 211th Pennsylvania.
Orin E. Campbell, A, 207th Pennsylvania.
John Stryker, I. 207th Pennsylvania.
John Stedman, C, 207th Pennsylvania.
Wm. H. Stull, I, 207th Pennsylvania.
J. I. Young, A, 207th Pennsylvania.
Mikel Juggel, I, 207th Pennsylvania.
Jas. P. Stevenson, D, 211th Pennsylvania.
Henry M. Dowell, C, 211th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Nulf, C, 211th Pennsylvania.
Geo. T. Rarick, F, 205th Pennsylvania.
Jas. B. Logue, F, 211th Pannsylvania.
Sergt. Harvey D. Hickey, C, 211th Pennsylvania.
Joseph Casmer, K, 205th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Jas. W. Barich, K, 205th Pennsylvania.
Westmarland, D, —
Simon P. Foot, K, 208th ennsylvania.
Geo. Harning, E, 207th Pennsylvania.
John Shupe, K, 211th Pennsylvania.
Jabez N. Swift, A, 186th N. Y.
John Myers, D, 205th Pennsylvania.
Solomon Leahman, E, 207th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Decker, E, 207th Pennsylvania.
Frank L. Fisk, H, 186th N. Y.
Jas. Francis, B, 186th N. Y.
P. W. Cady, G, 207th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Bell, F, 205th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Wm. Troxel, F, 205th Pennsylvania.
John Hite, I, 205th Pennsylvania.
Henry Y. Miller, B, 208th Pennsylvania.
Saml. Laughbaugh, E, 209th Pennsylvania.
John Wallace, E, 200th Pennsylvania.
W. G. Barton, F, 200th Pennsylvania.
Eli Duer, A, 114th Pennsylvania.
Jas. Decker, I, 211th Pennsylvania.
Almon Crittenden, B, 186th N. Y.
A. P. Bancraft, D, 207th Pennsylvania.
Bartell Hammond, D, 207th Pennsylvania.
Lieut. Cane, 207th Pennsylvania.
Geo. L. Putman.
Joseph Elden, D, 209th Pennsylvania.
L. F. Brown, G, 211th Pennsylvania.
T. Morris, 207th Pennsylvania.
Lieut. Sharks, 106th.

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