2nd Division Hospital at Meade Station

Enclosed ground near 2d Division Hospital, 9 A. C., at Meade Station.

Seth Knowles, A, 2d Michigan.
Wm. Mahar, K, 1st Conn. Art.
I. Long, C, 50th Pennsylvania.
I. Alwine, E, 50th Pennsylvania.
Thos. B. Western, D, 2d Michigan.
Wm. Cartwright, F, 2d Michigan.
Jeremiah Everhart, 19th N. Y. Bat.
Francis Hazel, Bat. G, 1st N. Y. Art.
Lieut. M. V. Stanton, 126th N. Y.
Wm. H. Baird, 126th N. Y.
Corp. Albert Green, D, 125th N. Y.
B. Finnegan, F, 125th N. Y.
C. Walters, K, 28th Mass.
A. Custard, D, 145th Pennsylvania.
G. Bowen, H, 7th N. Y.
I. McMillan, H, 5th N. Y.
I. Cusick, 28th Massachusetts.
Gillingham, D, 2d Delaware.
L. Ducat, F, 63d N. Y.
I. Coffin, H, 111th N. Y.
D. Lapham.
Sergt. W. Woods, G, 5th New Hampshire.
Corp. Chas. Eaton, H, 5th New Hampshire.
A. McCarthy, G, 111th N. Y.
I. Metcalf, 11th N. Y., Bat. I.
G. Williams, 7th N. Y. Art.
H. C. Adams, K, 21st Michigan.
R. B. Nephem, D, 53d Pennsylvania.
Lieut. S. Peters, G, 81st Pennsylvania.
F. Wadleigh, K, 5th New Hampshire.
I. Shults, H, 116th Pennsylvania.
R. Entwhistle, D, 2d N. Y. Art.
F. Carey, F, 7th N. Y. Art.
R. Dever, B, 52d N. Y.
I. F. Baring, H, 148th Pennsylvania.
I. Huttenhoun, E, 140th Pennsylvania.
Wm. Smith, E, 53d Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Ebenezer Barrett, G, 4th N. Y. Art.
Robt. McCaully, G, 28th Mass.
Joseph Dubois, G, 39th N. Y.
Wm. Lane, D, 69th N. Y.
Emilels, A, 61st N. Y.
Ernest Hoofman, C, 57th N. Y.
M. Churdel, C, 64th N. Y.
Vergneray, B, 7th N. Y. Art.
Chas. Jones, H, 4th N. Y. Art.
Melchar Garting, E, 66th N. Y.
John Casey, Bat. K, 4th N. Y. Art.
Arthur Donelly, B, 170th N. Y.
John McManus, A, 10th N. Y.
John Waltz, I, 8th N. Y. Art.
John S. Wilson, H, 19th Maine.
I. W. Swift, A, 20th Mass.
Patrick Curtin, E, 152d N. Y.

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