22nd National Guard New York Pistol Marksmen, 21 May 1901

The following soldiers of the Twenty-second Regiment National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as marksmen using pistols at the Creedmoor range on 21 May 1901.

Col F. Bartlett
Lt Col H. H. Treadwell
Maj Bennett S. Beach
S. F. Hart
W. B. Hotchkin
Capt G. A. Tuttle
F. C. Ringer
T. O. Smith
J. J. Dunn
Lt G. H. Clarke
Adjt C. F. Kross
Bat. Adjt C. G. Moses
Bat. Adjt R. J. Daly
Capt D. J. Murphy, Co A
1st Lt W. B. Porter, Co A
Capt R. O. Hanbold, Co B
1st Lt E. P. Serrell, Co B
Capt J. G. Lilliendahl, Co C
1st Lt T. J. Stevens, Co C
2d Lt F. E. Goodale, Co C
Capt J. A. Bell, Co D
1st Lt J. McAlister, Co D
2d Lt C. E. Schonberg, Co D
Capt B. Vincent, Co E
Lt Vincent Price, Co E
Capt W. S. Bennett, Co F
1st Lt D. Lowenbein, Co F
2d Lt J. A. Turney, Co F
Capt E. Dayton, Co G
1st Lt L. E. Buck, Co G
Capt Albert H. Dyette, Co H
1st Lt S. R. Cohen, Co H
1st Lt Ed F. MacGrotty, Co I
2d Lt G. H. Riley, Co I
Capt W. F. Barber, Co K
1st Lt W. E. Harding, Co K
2d Lt C. Merritt, Co K
Bat. QMSgt F. R. Miller
R. QMSgt T. J. McBride
Sgt M. Alexander
B. Sgt Maj Knox McAgee Jr
B. Sgt Maj John F. Hearne
Com. Sgt T. A. Denham
O. Sgt R. Hutcheson

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