7th Infantry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 7th US Infantry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.


2nd Lt T. A. Wansboro, Co C
Cpl J. M. Hunt, Co B
Cpl Daniel Conway, Co C
Cpl I. J. Austin, Co F
Cpl P. J. Shea, Co A
Sgt J. W. Jones, Co E
Cpl Fred Kiney, Co F
W. H. Balcke, Co C
Francis Hulme, Co C
E. S. White, Co C
Pat McGraw, Co B
M. M. Boury, Co D
Con Crawley, Co D
Daniel Maher, Co D
George Shields, Co H
Lee Carson, Co B
F. W. Dwyer, Co B
R. A. Jones, Co B
A. H. Gray, Co B
Harry Clark, Co A
William C. Croker, Co A
John R. O’Dowd, Co A
A. P. McAllister, Co F
F. E. Wort, band
Derge Sandberg, Co E
Fred Tinnanus, Co E
P. B. Davis, Co G
John Slaven, Co G
John Gleancy, Co G
James McGuire, Co G
J. Dermody, Co G
J. W. Long, Co G
S. R. Ryan, Co G


C. F. Hunt


Capt J. B. Jackson, Co G
2nd Lt H. A. Lafferty, Co A
Sgt R. C. Samuels, Co A
Cpl John Brodfort, Co A
Cpl George Smith, Co A
Cpl Charles Ayre, Co A
Cpl William McFarlane, Co A
Cpl William F. Burke, Co C
Cpl J. P. Stacke, Co C
Cpl R. N. Smith, Co B
Cpl T. H. Dunn, Co B
Cpl Martin Madden, Co D
Cpl A. W. Kibler, Co D
Cpl A. R. Lewis, Co F
Sgt George Rapp, Co F
Cpl G. D. Batholomew, Co F
Cpl T. L. Fairfax, Co F
Cpl George Bantyhoff, Co G
Cpl Fitzhugh Benham, Co G
Cpl Oskar Grotty, Co G
R. H. Bayly, Co A
Charles Henderson, Co A
Norman Louvay, Co A
Daniel Mahonay, Co A
M. J. Moore, Co A
John McMillar, Co A
William J. Rogan, Co A
J. H. Brown, Co B
Julien Rienke, Co B
Joseph Glivers, Co B
Mechel Hart, Co B
John Lyons, Co C
John J. Buchser, Co C
Charles Fuchs, Co C
Arthur F. Durgin, Co C
Fred Jahuki, Co C
Royal L. Fernald, Co C
William McMahon, Co C
Ernest Gerber, Co C
John Corcoran, Co C
Archie Mackey, Co C
Harry Metchell, Co C
Frank Boye, Co C
Robert Kealiher, Co C
Alvah G. Stewart, Co C
William Burleson, Co C
John B. Aspenault, Co C
A. J. Arnett, Co D
C. C. Cassidy, Co D
Daniel Connolly, Co D
Martin Crawley, Co D
Lewis Jacobson, Co D
Pat Kenigen, Co D
W. W. Lineback, Co D
Pat O’Connor, Co D
John Shecken, Co D
H. E. Wetherby, Co D
J. O. Hendley, Co F
G. H. Copeland, Co F
J. H. Larson, Co F
G. W. Meredith, Co F
William B. Kinilbs, Co L
Nils Christenson, Co F
John Klecki, Co F
A. R. Munpin, Co F
W. J. McIntyre, Co F
Olic Rose, Co F
Carl Tolbert, Co F
Thomas Kelly, Co F
N. Isler, Co H
John Krauss, Co H
John Gounand, Co H
William Killikewich, Co H
L. Holcomb, band
Keryter, Co C
William H. Kambill, Co G
Homer Keel, Co G
Francis Long, Co G
James Greeley, Co G
Francis Groty, Co G
William McGuire, Co G
Ed Becker, Co G
Frank Senaland, Co G
E. W. Houston, Co G
Louis T. Steen, Co E
J. T. Mack, Co E
Cpl John Rattletan, Co E
Pater Manion, Co E
Charles Spallen, Co E
Oskar Head, Co E
Hyman Vean, Co E
Benjamin Reverman, Co E
R. S. McDowell, Co E
C. T. Hunt, Co C

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