6th Cavalry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 6th Cavalry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.


M. T. Perkins, wagoner
James L. Langley, saddler
E. Rosa
Charles Schott, musician


Lt Col H. Carroll
Capt J. B. Kerr
Capt A. P. Blockson
2d Lt W. G. Short
Sgt J. Fett
Sgt E. W. Suddarth
Sgt Charles Hendersmart
Sgt L. Anderson
Sgt Charles Voight
Cpl Philip Tansky
Cpl Thomas Lewis
Cpl M. Mayer
Cpl S. Peterson
E. Belger
O. Grosse
G. M. Mann
F. Wemgarth
J. F. Davison
J. C. Smith
W. Gattin
J. E. McCarthy
H. J. Taylor
Charles W. Hamlin
L. J. Formey
S. Guard
B. A. W. Allen
R. Kronstat
E. A. Koelba
J. Marks
J. Gustaffson, wagoner
A. Barton
J. H. Meyer
J. W. Blanchard
Chas. H. Mollay
P. Johnson
J. Wright
H. J. Larson
W. B. Wray
S. H. Arnold
H. Muller, musician
J. A. Howell
M. T. Carle
R. Pander
W. Rutter
E. Hunt
H. Garrison
W. Miller
G. E. Lina
J. E. Fochet
J. M. Hammond
H. Hill
W. L. Murphy
A. Runyon, musician
R. Ennans

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