Montana, Soldiers at Fort Benton, 1880

U.S. Census, population schedule, Ft. Benton, Chouteau County, Montana

9-10 June 1880

Emilo Bosshaw 27 soldier Switzerland
Edwin Burke 32 Ireland
Rudolph Babst 29 soldier New York
James Clark 23 soldier New Hampshire
Albert Cole 25 soldier New York
Mich Collins 24 soldier Iowa
Saml. Crofford 24 soldier DC
David Coffney 29 soldier Canada
Pat L. Conden 28 soldier Ireland
Mich Bryle 23 soldier Ireland
Geo. C. Biggs 23 soldier Maryland
Henry Bran 22 soldier Russia
Jno. Elfner 34 soldier Germany
Pat Finigan 24 soldier Ireland
Thos. Farell 25 soldier Ireland
Julius E. Groland 31 soldier Denmark
Elerman Gunther 27 soldier Saxonia
Pat Harman 25 soldier Rhode Island
Edward Horran 24 soldier Massachusetts
John Haly 27 soldier Massachusetts
Isadore Conner 29 soldier Germany
Jos. H. Cottrell 22 soldier Pennsylvania
Henry Kane 25 soldier New York
Wm. H. Laurence 25 soldier Maryland
Geo. B. Messerve 23 soldier [illeg.]
Alex Murphy 37 soldier Canada
Jno. J. Miller 26 soldier Missouri
Fred Marks 24 soldier Germany
Tobias Myers 26 soldier Pennsylvania
Alfred Mirrtz 20 soldier Switzerland
Woodward Robsin 23 soldier Pennsylvania
Barth Rickler 23 soldier Maryland
Amos Loss 20 soldier Missouri
Jos. Smith 23 soldier Ireland
Asa B. Stylo 23 soldier Vermont
John Sweeney 26 soldier Massachusetts
Frank Seors soldier New York
Geo. Italiaro 27 soldier Indiana
Oller Weber 24 soldier Germany
Jno. Winkleman 27 soldier Germany
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