Georgia, Baldwin County, 1850 Mortality Schedule

Sarah Ann Bouner 36 FF MA Jun Remittent Fever 12 dys
Charles Tinsley 3 mos MF GA Jun Cholera Infantum 3 dys
Mary A. Chaney 50 FF GA Oct Heart Disease chronic
Inf. of Mr. Wall MF GA Sep spasm sudden
John E. Owens 1 mo MF GA Jun Cholera Infantum 5 dys
Michell Lavender 2 MF GA Jul Cholera Infantum 3 dys
Mary A. Fenton 39 FF GA Jul Consumption chronic
Francis W. Hendrick FF GA Oct Typhoid Fever 30 dys
James O’Brien 56 MFW Ire Nov retailer of liquor Lunacy chronic
H. M. Willson 47 MFW GA Jun Livery stable keeper Diarrhea chronic
Mariah Smith 40 FF GA Jun Typhoid Fever 27 dys
Mary J. O’Neal 28 FF GA Jun Enteritis 28 dys
John H. Castil 28 MF GA Jul Appoplexy 1 day
Peterson Black 42 MFW SC Jul Preacher Enteritis chronic
Silas Brown 37 MFW SC Aug shoe maker Typhoid Fever 20 dys
Jesse Miller 26 MFW GA Aug Typhoid Fever 26 dys
Maranda Pierce 24 FF GA Aug Attrophy chronic
Mary A. Ushers 31 FFW GA Sep Consumption chronic
Riley Pierce 32 MF GA May Attrophy chronic
Mary Lee 36 FFW GA Sep Diarrhea chronic
Joel A. Crane 35 MFW SC Oct planter Diarrhea chronic
David Fox 50 MF Ger Dec planter Attrophy chronic
Gibson Clark 64 MF GA Feb lawyer Diarrhea chronic
Samuel Gary 19 MBS GA Jan Typhoid Fever unk
Jesse T. Gandy 3 mos MF GA Jan Infantile Fever 12 dys
Wiley J. Wood 13 MF GA unk unk unk
Inf. of Thomas West 6 mos FBS GA Apr Infantile Fever 11 dys
Charles Leonard 1 MF GA Sep teething 7 dys
Inf. of O. Bouner 3 mos FBS GA Aug unk 2 dys
Inf. of K. C. Ivey 1 MBS GA May unk 3 dys
Oregon Rowell 2 MF GA Apr Purtipes 9 dys
Patience McCoy 37 FFM GA Jun Leury 90 dys
Jesse Proper 25 MF GA Oct Laborer Typhoid Fever 44 dys
Caroline Goodwin 28 FFM GA Feb child bed 2 dys
servant of Patsy Smith 60 MBS GA Nov Laborer Fever 10 dys
Inf. of James Leonard 1 mo FF GA Feb spasm 2 dys
E. M. Butts 3 mos FF GA Aug Inflammation 3 dys
Mary Whitaker 59 FFM SC Jun Chronic 2 yrs
N. N. Bloodwith 4 mos MBS GA Jun sudden
Zilpha Mahone 70 FFM unk Apr Pneumonia 3 dys
Elizabeth Bethione 28 FFM GA Apr
J. Jackson 40 MF Ire May Laborer Overheat sudden
John B. Javis 51 MFM GA Dec Methodist Minister Renetis 10 dys
William A. Mott Sr. 48 MFM VA Feb farmer unk 5 dys
R. J. Nichols 61 MFM CT Aug farmer Heart Disease 15 dys
Jeremiah Touchstone 22 MF GA Feb Laborer Diarrhea chronic
Josiah H. Read 49 MF GA Mar Laborer Dropsy chronic
William Miller 70 MFM GA Apr farmer Attrophy chronic
Hannah Boston 50 FF unk May Diarrhea chronic
George W. Finn 37 MF SC Apr Attendant of Asylum Typhoid Fever 35 dys


Biddy 100 FBS unk Jul slave old age chronic svt of J. Nissil
William 42 MBS GA Nov slave Consumption chronic svt of E. Baily
Emily 10 mos FMS GA June slave Dysentry 15 dys svt of W. Mitchell
infant 1 FBS GA Jul slave Poison svt of A. H. Kinan
Olif 37 FMS GA Nov slave Appoplexy 1 day svt of A. H. Cullens
Olif 9 mos FMS GA Jun slave Cholera Infantum 2 dys svt of A. H. Cullens
Fanny 27 FBS GA Jun slave Typhoid Fever 25 dys svt of A. Standefer
infant 8 mos FBS GA Jun slave Typhoid Fever 10 dys svt of A. Standefer
infant 2 mos FMS GA Jul slave Hooping Cough 9 dys svt of Wm. Johnson
David 4 MBS GA May slave Measles 20 dys svt of Wm. J. Williamson
Sarah 25 FBS GA unk slave Remittent Fever 15 dys svt of Myrick
Eliza 4 mos FMS GA Jul slave Dysentry 10 dys Inf of Myrick
Ody 100 FBS GA Mar old age 21 dys slave of G. Rowell
Uiza 40 FBS GA Sep Rupture 3 dys slave of G. Rowell
Infant 3 days FBS GA Feb spasm 1 day slave of G. Rowell
Leroy 1 MBS GA Mar teething 25 dys slave of G. Rowell
Margaret 1 FBS GA Apr Purtipes 14 dys slave of G. Rowell
Chaney 60 FBS Africa Jan Appoplexy sudden svt of R. Harper
Isaac 11 MBS GA Sep Dropsy 2 yrs svt of H. Tucker
James 1 MBS GA Apr Hooping Cough 7 dys svt of C. J. Hall
Essix 15 MBS GA Apr Typhoid Fever 28 dys svt of J. Graybill
Andrew 10 MBS GA Nov sudden svt of Goodwin
Augustus 2 MBS GA Aug worms 3 dys svt of Goodwin
James 20 MBS GA Apr Laborer Pneumonia 5 dys svt of S. McCrary
John 1 MBS GA Oct sudden svt of McCrary
Stephen 50 MBS GA Jan Pneumonia 21 dys svt of W. Cullen
Infant 1 MBS GA May teething 20 dys slave of R. Orne
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