Ohio Company Land Grants, Wisemans Bottom, 1793

Allotment No. 1, Wisemans Bottom

Isaac Pierce
Cornelius Delano
Daniel Coggeshall
Nathl. Sawyer
Stephen Guthrie
Isaac Choate
Jno. Leavens
Wm. Bridge
Jno. Rouse
Jabez True
Samuel Barns
Wm. P. Putnam
Ezra Putnam
Daniel Goodenough
Israel Loring
Ezra Phillips
Wm. Dana, Jr.
Wm. Smith
Launcelot Oliver
Wm. Skinner
Dudley Odlin
Joseph Wells
David Wells
John Smith
Wm. P. Lunt
James Smith
Joseph Barker
Wm. Dana
Luther Dana
Richard Maxon
Henry Maxon
David Blake
Simeon Blake

Hulbert, Archer Butler, ed., The Records of the Original Proceedings of the Ohio Company (Ohio Company Series, Volume 2) (Marietta, Ohio: Marietta Historical Commission, 1917) pp. 146-151.

More information about early Ohio land patents, settlers and county boundaries can be found in the books:

Clermont County, Ohio Land Records 1787-1812: Surveys, Patents, Deeds, and Mortgages With Index of Grantors and Grantees
Ohio: Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

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