Greene County, Georgia, Tax List, 1789

White District, Greene County, Georgia

Anderson, Brazier
Armor, James
Armor, John
Barnett, Abraham
Barnett, Samuel
Beavers, Daniel
Burford, Daniel
Cain, Richard
Cochran, Abner
Cochran, John
Cochran, Richens
Cochran, William
Curry, Alexander
Curry, Robert
Curry, William
Daniell, Charles
Daniell, Thomas
Daniell, William

Edmondson, Richard
Edson, Hubert
Findley, John
Findley, Norris
Furlow, James
Furlow, John
Furlow, William
Gillaspie, Alexander
Hall, George
Hall, Hugh
Heard, William
Houghton, Joshua
Houghton, Josiah
Houghton, Thomas
Houghton, William
Jenkins, John
Kee, Joseph
Lunsden, Jesse

Mcalpin, Robert
Mccombs, Andrew
Patrick, James
Patrick, John
Patrick, Joshua
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, William
Phillips, Zacheriah
Ramsey, William
Roberts, Joshua
Seawright, James
Sharp, Samuel
Shaw, Mathew
Stroud, John
Walker, Silvanus
Watts, Benjamin
White, John
White, Joseph
Wood, Aristarcus
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