Georgia Land Grants, 1767

February 1767

Christ Church Parish
Catharine Mullryne100
Matthew Roche99
Levi Sheftall150
Levi Sheftall350
Mary, wife of Josiah Tatnell300
William Williamson35
Richard Fox100
St. Andrew’s Parish
Robert Baillie200
William Mackintosh200
Lachlan Mackintosh150
Roderic McLeod200
Roderic McLeod200
St. David’s Parish
George Calwell400
Andrew Darling150
Andrew Darling500
Henry Laurens1000
Henry Laurens1000
Winwood McIntosh500
Lewis Mattier200
Joseph Williams150
St. George’s Parish
Donald Frazer100
James Anderson150
Nicholas Fisher100
John Graham Esq.500
John Graham Esq.1000
Isaac Linsey100
James Ogilby100
George Striegel150
Jacob Winfree375
St. John’s Parish
William Elliott100
Thomas Young300
Edward Way100
St. Mary’s Parish
Dunbar Young & Simpson1000
James Habersham Esq.1400
William Knox Esq.5000
Thomas Moodie500
John Simpson Esq.600
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.1200
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.500
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.2000
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.1600
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.800
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.650
Jermyn Wright & Charles Wright Esq.1000
Hugh Burns750
Peter Vandyke350
Peter Vandyke150
Thomas Williams450
Charles West500
St. Matthew’s Parish
Henry Densler350
Benjamin Stirk650
James Bennett200
Ann Moodie200
John Oxlin50
Townsend Robinson200
Townsend Robinson100
St. Patrick’s Parish
John William & Jane Carney300
James Forrester200
James Forrester150
James Forrester500
George Mackintosh150
St. Paul’s Parish
John Germany100
John Germany100
St. Philip’s Parish
Burgon Bord100
Francis Parry300
John Lastinger100
St. Thomas’s Parish
George Galphin200
Sr. Patrick Houstoun300
South Side of the Alatamaha
James Mackay500
Arthur Carney500

Candler, Allen D., comp., The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 10 (Atlanta: The Franklin-Turner Co., 1907). pp. 39-41, 83-84, 116-118.

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