Stamford, Connecticut, 1763

Allen, Ira
Blodget, Benjamin
Boardman, Charles
Boardman, Timothy
Borroughs, Jeremiah
Carpenter, Cyrus
Clark, Joseph
Danforth, Thomas
Denny, Daniel
Denny, David
Denny, Samuel
Denny, Thomas
Denny, William
Dorr, Edmund
Fasset, John Jr.
Gardener, Preserved
GilBert, Jesse
Goodenough, Levy
Hebert, James

Henshaw, Benjamin
Henshaw, Benjamin Jr.
Henshaw, Daniel
Henshaw, John
Henshaw, Joseph
Henshaw, Joshua
Henshaw, William
Hobby, Wesley
Homer, Stephen T.
Hosmer, Richard
Huntington, Enoch
Hurlbut, Hezekiah
Jopp, John
Islip, William
King, Joseph
Lee, David Jr.
Leicester, David H.
Marks, John
Meigs, John

Mix, James
Montague, Rufus
Nichols, Samuel
Roberts, James
Russell, Elisha
Russell, Josiah
Sheperdson, Samuel
Shepherd, Rufus
Smith, Joseph
Starr, William
Sumner, William
Thomas, John
Thomas, Samuel
Waldo, Zachariah
Welsh, Thomas
Wheeler, Amos
White, Frederick
Wilder, Oliver
Winship, Samuel

Land records, 1666-1902, Stamford (Connecticut). Town Clerk. Land records, v. G-H 1760-1773 Film 0005574.

More early Connecticut records can be found in the books:

Stamford, Connecticut, History of from its settlement in 1641, incl Darien until 1820
Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners

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