St. Andrews Galley, Rotterdam to Philadelphia, 1737

Rotterdam – Philadelphia, 26 September 1737

Altenberger, Johann
Amweg, Martin
Anders, Michel
Appel, Johann
Bürger, Christian
Baumgarter, Valtin
Beil, Balser
Bietel, Nicolaus
Biler, David
Braun, Michel
Conrath, Georg
Conrath, Jacob
Cron, Martin
Düfel, Valtin
Delb, Conrath
Demer, Ludwig
Dickhoff, Bernard
Drast, Peter
Edinger, Philip
Erdmann, Johann
Erdmann, Johann Justus
Est, Christian
Feid, Albrech
Frantz, Henrich
Frist, Jacob
Frist, Philip
Funck, Johann
Gerling, Lengart
Gernand, Georg
Geroult, Johann Aschemus
Gist, Georg
Hüter, Caspar
Hefft, Georg
Hefft, Philip
Heim, Frederich
Heit, Andreas
Helt, Diterich
Henrich, Adolf
Heyser, Caspar
Hipschman, Gerhard
Hister, Deniel
Hister, Jost
Holler, Nicolaus
Horn, Ulrich
Hubener, Christoffel
Jost, Conrad
Keim, Jacob
Kelbach, Johann
Keler, Johann
Kelsch, Johann Diterich
Kern, Georg
Keyser, Lorentz
Kintz, Georg
Kintzer, Jacob
Klupinger, Georg
Knepper, Peter
Koch, Nicolaus
Kocher, Georg
Kocher, Laus
Kocher, Martin
Kolb, Ludowig
Kortz, Michel
Krausen, Christoffel
Kreyter, Henrich
Kuster, Jacob
Ledermann, Matthys
Leibengut, Philip
Ling, Peter
Lingel, Jacob
Lingel, Paulus
Lintz, Jacob
Lokoschek, Dieter
Mertz, Henrich
Mevius, Johann
Meyer, Christian
Meyer, Johann
Meyer, Johann
Neihart, Frederich
Neihart, Georg
Neihart, Michel
Neyschwanger, Jacob
Nis, Jacob
Oller, Wilhelm
Pekel, Tobias
Rägent, Elias
Rägent, Nicolaus
Rab, Peter
Rahn, Conrath
Rahn, Georg
Reich, Conrath
Reist, Daniel
Reist, Nicolaus
Rep, Caspar
Rosemann, Jacob
Schönfelder, Frederich
Scharer, Nicolaus
Schaub, Christoffel
Schefler, Henrich
Schefter, Wilhelm
Schindeldeker, Johann Jacob
Schisler, Georg
Schmid, Frederich
Schmid, Henrich
Schmid, Philip
Schmidt, Andreas
Schnauber, Johann
Schneider, Georg
Schotter, Johann
Schwenck, Christoffel
Schyre, Nicolaus
Seger, Philip
Seidel, Ernst
Spycker, Johann
Spycker, Johann
Spycker, Johann Peter
Stöer, Henrich
Stöer, Jacob
Stöer, Philip
Stedman, John
Steffen, Philip
Steinmertz, Valtin
Strauch, Adam
Streigeler, Johann
Streiter, Philip
Test, Georg
Tron, Christian
Wagener, Abraham
Wald, Conrath
Wambolt, Frist
Wambolt, Georg
Weber, Hermann
Weber, Matthys
Weinland, Peter
Werry, Jacob
Wildangel, Ludowig
Willer, Jacob
Wisler, Henrich
Wismann, Philip
Zab, Daniel
Zachery, Daniel
Zeigener, Caspar
Zolberger, Josep
Zolberger, Ulrich

More information about Philadelphia’s history and early immigrants can be found in the books:

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Hopeful Journeys: German Immigration, Settlement, and Political Culture in Colonial America, 1717-1775
Brethren in Colonial America
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