Address of some Inhabitants of New York, 1702

Address of some Inhabitants of New York to Governor Lord Cornbury against Mr. Attwood and Mr. Weaver.

5 September 1702

Fred. Flipse
Jacob Kersteade
Lucas Kersteade
David Law
James David
Peter Rollan
Corn. Kersteade
Benjamin Blackgrave
Jno. Finch
George Stanton
Richard Plested
Samuel Bayard
Jno. Barbarie
Robert Watts
Lancaster Syms
Charles Wolley
Ja. Bayard
Bart. La Feurt
Benjamin Aske
Jno. Shakmaple
William Teller
Robert Skilton
Jno. Sheppard
Jno. Smart
William Moese
Daniel Dunskum
Hugh Farquhar
Edward Marshall
Peter Lakeman
Robert Anderson
Thomas Roberts
Robert Drummond
Richard Garsley
Edmd. Kaems
William Robertson
Henry Kembell
William Galt
William White
Jerem. Calcut
Jam. Harding
William Chisnal

Pierre Bontecau
Peter Basset
S. Valleau
Robert White
Peter Caulier
Andr. Faucout
Roger Baker
James Davis
J.V. Cortlandt
Thennis Dekey
William Huddlestone
Brandt Schuyler
Benj. Faneuil
Claude Bowdwin
Samuel Burt
August Lucas
Nicholas Jamain
William Anderson
Gabrll. Ludlow
William Morris
Thomas Burroughs
Nathaniel Marsten
Caleb Cooper
Jos. Mallenson
Louis Carré
Abr. Juneau
Peter Murrein
Richard Sacket
Jos. Wright
William Chambers
Robert White
Corn. Viele
Robert Nisbet
Stephen Richards
Johan D’Honneur
Jos. Blydenburg
Beverly Latham
Thomas Codrington
Pat. Crawford
William Laurier
William Janaway
Etienne Perdrieau

Peter Thannet
Bon Grande
Lau. Reade
Coenrad Vanderbeck
Thomas Wenham
Thomas Davinport
William Smith
David Lyel
Richard Willet
Walter Thong
William Peartree
Michl. Howden
Jno. Corbet
Jerem. Tothill
Jno. Crook
Thomas Montague
Samuel Mynderts
Elias Boudenot
David Vilant
Daniel Cromeline
Bart. Thonneur
William Anderson
Pet. Bayard
J. Jansen
Ja. Wells
Jos. Aspinwall
Richard Overin
Ralph Thirman
Obadiah Smith
Ja. Wright
William Bickly
Stephen Delancey
Philip Juneau
Jan. Vincent
Ferd. Ravaud
F. Vincent
Dennis Hedgeman
Paul Droillet
Giles Gaudineau
Aug. Grasset
Fracis Hewling

J. Granby
Nathaniel Rabdal
Gabll. Minveile
Peter Marius
Johan. Harperdinck
Johan. Kip
B. Bayard
Jean Pelletreau
John Harris
O.V. Cortlandt
Johan Van Zant
Andr. Stuckey
Andr. Teller
Jno. Theobalds
Thomas Ives
Thomas Adams
Pat. Musset
Robert Motte
Jno. White
Robert Parkinson
Bern. Hardenbroock
Fran. Chappel
Roger Jones
Jno. Davinport
Barth. Le Rouse
George Dod
James Spencer
Edward Cole
Charles Denizo
A. Bonnin
Ellie Pelletveau
Jean Le Chevalier
René Rizeau
Abrm. Rizeau
Samuel Loveridge
William Hayward
James Beard
Jno. Trevet
Jno. French
Jno. Leventhorp
Zach. Angevin
Peter Moutell

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 20), America and West Indies, Jan.-Dec. 1, 1702, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1912. pp. 755-756.

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