Wanted in Dublin, 1694

Reward Offered

10 December 1694

Proclamation of a reward for the apprehension, dead or alive, of the following rebels, who have fled to the mountains and other places where they “stand upon their keeping”

Dermot Leary, late of Iveleary in County Cork
John Murphy, alias Roe, late of Tomes in County Cork
John Hurly, late of Grillagh in County Cork
John Leary, alias Baroole
Dermot Leary, alias Baroole, late of Ivy Leary in County Cork
Dermod Sullivan, alias Skeelagh, late of Bantry in County Cork
Dermod Mullain, alias Thunder
Donagh Deeneen, alias Bariky, late of the Parish of Clandroghid

lately in County Cork

Tiege MacShane
Sulivan Garret Downry
Murtogh MacHugh
Cornelius Sulivan, alias Duff
Teige Seaghbogh
Teige Croneene
John Croneene
Tiege Crowly, alias Mague
Dennis Crone
Dermod Maghry
Maurice Splane
Tiege MacGeighy
Dermot MacMaurice Hurly
John Na Churig
Gnogher Reagh

Fumine McDonogh Sullivan
Tiege Barrull
John Canty
Daniel Mullane
Donogh Na Geehy
Daniel MacPhillip Dire
Murrogh MacErevan Sweeny
Gnocher Doroh
Donogh Doroh
Murtagh MacHugh Crone
John MacDermot MacCnoher
Patrick Real
John Real
Dermot an Taskig
Donogh Shehane

Cornelius Murrihy
Donogh MacMorto
John Dina
Cnoher Duff
Morris Gew
John na Gwinn
Daniel na Ganny
Tiege Oge na Ganny
Tiege Sweeny
Tiege mac Shane mac Aulif
Fanine mac Shane
Morto mac Hugh mac Morto
Donoh Oge begge na Buoly
Tiege Heagarty
Tiege Oge Nahaly
Guly mac Shane mac Guly

lately in County Tipperary

Edmond Knock Ryan
Cornelius Ryan
Mathew Higgins
Thady Lonergan
Richard Longan
Daniel Doran

Dennis Toghy
Phillip Roe Ryan
Richard mac Daniel Longardan
Phillip Shanahan
Daniel Lowre

Daniel Bawn Ryan
Daniel Meagher
Derby Bryan
William Banon
James Laghard
James Brenan

County Kilkenny

Daniel Conway, late of Kells
Simon Brenan, late of Corbetstown
Thomas Henessy, late of Ballyhemyn
Martin Cott, late of Clongagh
Derby Swedding, late of Killaloe

Richard Head, late of Tofeghny
Patrick Lawler, late of Knocktopher
Edmond Phelan, late of Claragh
Hugh Brenan, late of Bodolinore
John Gorman, late of Bodolinore

Queen’s County

Patrick Malleaghill, late of Ballinorkill

of County Donegal

Murragh mac Sweeny

Turlagh Keith McFadin

Patrick McCullin

of County Cavan

Bryan mac Hugh
William Flanigan
Hugh Groome mac Gwire

Gormuck mac Hugh
Phelimy Dolan
John mac Gwire

Patrick mac Haran
Turlagh mac Gageran
Patrick Murritny
Edmond mac Cormick

late of County Fermanagh

Connor mac Gwire
Edmund Cormuck
Felin Dolan
Keadagh mac Sharry

Patrick mac Manus
Philip mac Cormuck
Patrick mac Gwire
Owen mac Corry

Patrick mac Corry
James mac Gowan
Cormuck mac Murray
William Moraghan

late of County Roscommon

Keadagh mac Manus
John Hanly
Cahil Daffie
Dermot Roe
Cormuck Lavin

Bryan mac Gilmartine
Cahil O’Birne
Daniel Kelly Laghlin
Dun mac Dermot
Tiege Mungan

Bryan mac Casker, alias mac Elexter
Farril Noran
Bryan mac Gill
Redmond Magrath
Manus Backagho Byrne

late of County Leitrim

Cormuck Morey

late of County Mayo

Henry Waldron
Jordan Grady
Kedagh Phillips
Manus O’Bryne
John McDonnel
Roger McDonnel

Patrick Rory
Duff Doharty
Don. Shiel
David McDonnogh
Charles McDonnel
Bryan Killehane

William Kelly
Thomas Grourke
Roger Dogherty
John Dogherty
Dennis Shane
Bryan Rumic

late of County Louth

Owen-gar mac Kevet
James Roony

Daniel Oge mac Inallie
Patrick Murphy

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 1694-1695, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 5, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1906. pp. 353-354.

More information about Irish history can be found in the book:

The Great Shame: And the Triumph of the Irish in the English-Speaking World


Modern Ireland, 1600-1972

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