English Denization and Naturalization Records, 1694

Warrant to the Attorney-General to prepare a bill to pass the Great Seal for making the following persons (aliens born) free denizens of England:

8 June 1694

Abraham Gilbert, clerk
Henry Mettayer, clerk
James Huet, clerk
Peter de Tacher, clerk
Peter Persode, clerk
William Binaud
Paul Rondelet
Catharina Guenaut
Thomas Gaugain
John Francis Gignillat
James Joyeux
Mary, wife of James Joyeux
James, Samuel, Eliaz and John, children of James and Mary Joyeux
Julius Cragg
John de Lage
John Albert
Peter le Noir
Paul Droilhet
Thomas le Heup
Robert Oursel
Lambert Annes
Henry Feray
John Melchior Maystetter
John de Belle
John Vartla
Philip Rollos
Peter du Buisson
Paul de Lage
Peter Willecke
Francis Rich
Lewis Bonnet
Michelle, wife of Lewis Bonnet
Anna, daughter of Peter and Michelle Bonnet
Stephen Boigoun
John Toutham
John de Lage
John Heisenbuttell
Francis Carré
Darick Hasserterborgh
Andrew Raven
Josias Iback
Daniel de Bondt
John Croll
Peter Lucadou
Paul Margueritt
Isaias Geilinck
Moses Lavet
Guy Babaud
Martha Negrier des landes
James Chabot
Richard Monck
Andrew Lamoureux
Susanna, wife of Andrew Lamoureux
Elizabeth and Judith, children of Andrew and Susanna Lamoureux
Peter Bondecou
Peter Sneew
Timothy Archambeau
Francis Meschinet
Peter Morin
Peter Jouneau
Philip Jouneau
Peter Valeau
Stephen Valeau
Francis Richard
George Herauld
Isaac Eymé
James Mazel
Peter Rouvière
Peter Cazalet
John Cazalet
Noah Cazalet
Peter Valette
Francis Vaurigaud
Andrew Dubois
John Benoist
James Roger
James Benoist

Abraham Mourtheis
Elizabeth Belin
Peter, Elizabeth, Mary and Mary Anna, children of Elizabeth Belin
Jeremiah Many
Anthony Nouguier
Isaac Dargent
Mary, wife of Isaac Dargent
Nicholas, John and Mary Anna, children of Isaac and Mary Dargent
Isaac Bonouvrier
John Houssaye
James Faget
Isaac Guitton
Peter Guitton
Daniel Guitton
Gabriel Guitton
John Bosanquet
John Asselin
Elias Pineau
Ann, wife of Elias Pineau
Anna, daughter of Elias and Ann Pineau
Francis Roy
John, Francis and Prudence, children of Francis Roy
John Roy
Peter Roy
John Morin
Elizabeth, wife of John Morin
Peter, John, Henry, Samuel and Matthew, children of John and Elizabeth Morin
Derick Batnevelt
Peter Gervais
Peter Canton
Stephen Jamin
Abraham Melier
Hierome Lamberti
Stephen Jourdan
Pannues Calender
Noah Pasquereau
Nicholas Gautreau
John Voulac
Elizabeth, wife of John Voulac
Anthony Ayrauld
John Bertrand
Elizabeth, wife of John Bertrand
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Bertrand
James Bargeau
James, John, Peter, and Abraham, sons of James Bargeau
Peter Cabibel
Peter Belle
Lewis de la Cosse
Marguaritta, wife of Lewis de la Cosse
Lewis, John, Mary and Susanna, children of Lewis and Marguaritta de la Cosse
Jacob Mouchard
Moses la Croix
David de Caux
John Chardellou
Peter Garon
Isaac Block
Leonard Knyft
Matthew Collineau
Peter Martin
John de Farcy
Mary de Ravenel
Isaac Bleiberg
John Guichardière
Lewis de Launay
John Briot
Samuel Briot
Lewis Supply
John, son of Lewis Supply
Anna Massy
John Lucas
Samuel Vergnon
Samuel, son of Samuel Vergnon
Léon de Bourdeaux
John Malaigue
Jacob Beaune
Peter Orange
Thomas Thomas

13 September 1694

Warrant for making Frederick William de Roye de la Rochefoucauld, Count de Marton, and the Ladies Charlotte and Henriette de Roye de la Rochefoucauld, the son and daughters of the late Count de Roye, being aliens born, free denizens of England.

6 December 1694

Warrant for the naturalization of Abraham Gomez, Isaac Gomez, Moses Gutieres, Jacob de Medina, Moses Baruh Louzada, and Menaseh Benjamin Pereira.

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 1694-1695, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 5, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1906. pp. 171-172, 306, 350.

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