Civil Officers in New York, 1693

List of the Officers Employed in Civil Offices, NY, 1693

Patent Officers

His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher Esqr., Capt. Genll. and Governour in Chiefe of the Province of New York and Territories depending thereon in America and Vice Admirall of the same.
Matthew Clarkson Esqr., Secretary
Chidley Brook Esqr., Collr. and Receiver Genll.

Members of Council

Fred. Philips Esq.
Steph Courtland Esq.
Nich Bayard Esq.
Will. Smith Esq.
Gab. Monveille Esq.
Chid. Brook Esq.

Wm. Nicolls Esq.
Thos. Willett Esq.
Willm. Pinhorne Esq.
Peter Schuyler Esq.
John Lawrence Esq.
John Youngs Esq.

Caleb Heathcote Esq.
James Grayham Esq., Attorney Genll.
David Jamison Clerk, of the Council
Dan. Honan, Accomptant-Genll.
Jarvis Marshall, Doorkeeper and Messenger of the Council

Justices of the Supream Court of Judicature haveing the power of Kings Bench, Comon Please and Exchequer

William Smith Esq., Chiefe Justice
William Pinhorne Esq., 2nd Justice

Steph Courtland Esq., Justice

Chid Brooke Esq., Justice
John Lawrence Esq., Justice

Custome House Officers

Robt. Livingston, Sub Collector att Albany
Wm. Shaw, Gauger att Albany

Thos. Munsey, Surveyor att New York
James Evetts, Waiter

Emmanuel Young, waiter
Honble. N. Blaithwaite, Auditor Generall

In the Citty of New Yorke

Abraham Depeyster Esq., Mayor and Clerk of the Mercate

James Graham Esq., Recorder

Standley Handcock Esq., High Sheriff
William Sharpas, Towne Clerke

In the City of Albany

Peter Schuyler Esq., Mayor

Dirck Wessels Esq., Recorder

Robt. Livingston Esq., Town Clerk
John Apell Esq., Sheriffe

Justices in the County of Albany

Eghbert Theunisse Esq.
Killian Van Ranslaer Esq.
Martin Gerritse Esq.

Dirck Theunisse Esq.
Nicholas Rispe Esq.

Sanders Glenn Esq.
Peter Vosbrough Esq.
Gerryt Theunisse Esq.

Justices in Westchester County

Caleb Heathcote Esq., Judge of the Common Pleas
Joseph Theale Esq.
William Barnes Esq.

Daniel Strange Esq.
James Mott Esq.
John Hunt Esq.

Wm. Chadderton Esq.
Thomas Pinkney Esq.
Benjamin Collier Esq., Sherriffe
Joseph Lee, Clerk of the County

Justices in the County of Richmond

Ellis Duxbury Esq., Judge of the Common Pleas

Abraham Cannor Esq.
Abraham Lakeman Esq.

Dennis Theunisse Esq.
John Shadwell Esq.
John Stilwell Esq., Sheriff

Justices in the County of Ulster

Thomas Garton Esq., Judge of the Common Pleas

Henry Beeckman Esq.
Dirck Shepmers Esq.

Wessell Tenbrock Esq.
Abraham Haasbrough Esq.
Nicholas Antonio Esq., Sherriffe

Justices in Suffolk County

Isaac Arnold Esq., Judge of the Common Please
John Howell Esq.

Samuell Mulford Esq.
Richd. Smith Esq.
William Barker Esq.

Matthew Howell Esq.
Ebenetus Platt Esq.
Thomas Mapes Esq.
Josiah Hobbart Esq., Sheriffe

Justices in Queens County

Thomas Hix Esq., Judge of the Common Please
Richard Cornwall Esq.

Ellias Doughty Esq.
Dan. Whitehead Esq.
John Smith Esq.

Tho. Stevensant Esq.
John Harrison Esq., Sherriffe
Andrew Gibb, Clerke

Justices in the Kings County

Stephen Courtlandt, Judge of the Common Pleas
Roeloffe Martinse Esq.
Nicholas Stillwell Esq.

Joseph Hogeman Esq.
Henry Filkin Esq.
Dirk Huyle Esq.

John Theunisse Esq.
Peter Cortiliau Esq.
Stoffell Probasco Esq.
Gerryt Strycker Esq., Sherriff

O’Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 199-201.

More information about colonial New York can be found in the book:

Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730

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