The Earl of Torrington’s Regiment, 1690

A list of all the officers of the first marine regiment of foot, under the command of the Earl of Torrington.

21 January 1690

The Earl of Torrington (Col.)
Lt. Col. Sir Richard Onslow
Major Henry Davies
Capt. Edward Ash
Capt. Joseph Stafford
Capt. Overton Boothby
Capt. Martin
Capt. Anthony Gibbons
Capt. John Barrington
Capt. Mostyn
Capt. Ellis Cooper
Capt. William Prince
Capt. Every
Capt. Erasmus Philips
Capt. Spicer
Capt. Duncombe
Capt. John Fairman
1st Ltn. Apollo Morrice
1st Ltn. Bradbury
1st Ltn. Umpton Dering
1st Ltn. Gilbert Simons
1st Ltn. John Foster
1st Ltn. Levesque
1st Ltn. Needler
1st Ltn. Cooke
1st Ltn. Price
1st Ltn. Beverley
1st Ltn. Townsend
1st Ltn. Button
1st Ltn. Weaver
1st Ltn. Thomas Horner
1st Ltn. Radborne
2nd Ltn. Kinnion
2nd Ltn. Sanderson
2nd Ltn. Philips
2nd Ltn. Henry Flutter
2nd Ltn. Woddington
2nd Ltn. Anderson
2nd Ltn. George Noble
2nd Ltn. Butler
2nd Ltn. Lary
2nd Ltn. Yateman
2nd Ltn. Grace
2nd Ltn. Harris
Mr. John Marsham, Quartermaster
Mr. Pattills, Quartermaster
Charles Christian, Quartermaster
Robert Manesty, surgeon

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 13th Feb. 1689-April 1690, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 1, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1895. p. 423.

Earlier military history can be found in the book:

The Civil Wars: A Military History of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1638-1660

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